3 New Yashica Cameras and 2 35mm Photographic Negative Films Hit Kickstarter


Yashica seems to be the darling of Kickstarter these days.

And though their past projects haven’t received the most positive critical reviews, the company is plunging ahead with plans to bring ever more retro-inspired products to the market.

Image via Yashica Kickstarter.

Meet the new Yashica Absolute in three body styles and two new 35mm negative films called the Golden 80s and the 400.

The three body styles are called Novella, Prestige, and Premiere.

The novella is based on the classic MF-2, the Prestige is based upon the YASHICA-44 TLR, and the Premiere will be the MF-1, what Yashica calls “A simple snapshot art camera.”

Yashica is holding the Kickstarter because, “In order to realise our [Premiere] of YASHICA Absolute and bring out the best version of YASHICA’s cameras, your support and contribution are crucial and will be highly valued, as well as your constructive comments and feedback for constant improvement.”

This Kickstarter follows on the back of the company’s other successful project, the digiFilm, but, like we said above, that wasn’t very well received.

Maybe Yashica can turn it around this time?

Of course, Internet reception is less than positive so far.

Most people seem to be taking a burnt once but never again approach to Yashica’s new announcements.

The whole reason behind the project is that Yashica thinks that digital cameras have taken some of the magic out of photography and they hope to bring that back.

They describe the 400 as the perfect film for a portrait photo with bright colors and crisp output.

The Golden 80s, which the company is marketing as a limited edition film, is ideal for street photography and what Yashica calls “moody” shots.

If you get in early there are all sorts of bonuses on offer but whether they are worth it or not is largely up to you.

Did you pick up a digiFilm camera? What do you think of Yashica’s current project?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Personal experience with their first Kickstarter camera… DO NOT be tempted by this. I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet.

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