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This week's list is composed of a terrific set of hand-selected links by Toad Hollow Photography, featuring some of the finest photographs and posts related to photography found this week.  You will find a great selection of tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to peruse and enjoy here, all posted by some truly incredible and talented artists working in the field today.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these pieces as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Farmhouse In Blue- A Quick Primer In Star Trail Processing – Andy Gimino writes a great and brief tutorial here that takes the reader step-by-step through the process of creating compelling and dramatic night shots like the one he shares in his post.  Andy is a leader in this field, and this article gives you some valuable insights into how he creates his images.

Light Painting a Landscape in Lightroom – this is a terrific video tutorial, just over 16 minutes in length, that takes you through some pretty advanced retouching techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Using a single raw, underexposed frame, Glyn Dewis takes advantage of all the power of contemporary post-processing tools to create a stunning landscape.

Breaking Down A Cake Photography Session – this is a terrific written tutorial, showing you how to achieve great results in the field of food photography.  Lighting, composition and staging are all discussed and explored in this piece, making for a concise article full of great tips and accompanied by fabulous illustrative shots to show the techniques and results.

Everything You Need to Know About Auto Exposure Bracketing – this is an important technique, particularly for those who like to practice HDR photography.  Auto bracketing is available on almost all contemporary camera models these days, giving the photographer a very powerful tool and allowing them to focus on capturing the perfect composition.

4 Essential layer masking tools in Photoshop – photographer Klaus Herrmann delivers a comprehensive tutorial in this post that shows you the key layer masking tools in Photoshop, and discusses how to apply them in your workflow.  Sample screenshots add dimension to this piece, allowing the reader to quickly grasp the topics discussed and move forward in their own practice.


Von Wong & Michael Rosner Partner Up in a Stunning Ultraviolet Photography Project – COOL!  This post features a video capture of the team at work on this project, as well as a selection of images captured during the session itself.  The results are beyond description, showcasing the human form wrapped up in UV art, creating absolutely stunning and captivating pieces sure to be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates new and fascinating art forms.

Photographer Works to End Secret Ritual in Ethiopia – this special feature is posted on the NBC News website and shows just how powerful great imagery can be.  In this feature, photographer John Rowe uses his talents and skills to bring a serious issue to light with the hopes of helping raise awareness and perhaps even bring an end to the practice.


It’s Collector Car Appreciation Day – my love for classic cars is far from a secret around here, and thus when I found this post from Joe Farace it was an instant hit.  Joe’s great work in the field of photographing cars comes to life in this pair of terrific photographs, sure to be enjoyed by enthusiasts of all genres and styles.

Blue Hours at the Louvre – this is a terrific shot by Edith Levy of the world-famous Louvre during the blue hour.  Edith’s composition really highlights the amazing architecture and presence this museum has, making for a great picture sure to be enjoyed by all.

Photo by Simon

True Blue – blues like you’ve never seen in nature before are explored in this breathtaking shot from the studio of Dean McLeod.  Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a world-famous destination due to the special and epic beauty, and this wonderful shot by Dean exemplifies this absolutely perfectly.

The Boat House – Barbara Youngleson captures a wonderful shot of a boathouse in Sweden.  The vibrant reds from the building add a great dash of color to the shot, and Barbara’s careful post-processing brings the feel and mood of the setting to life for all to enjoy here.

Light across the hills – big puffy white clouds linger in the sky overhead, casting wonderfully dramatic shadows upon the rolling hills of the English landscape below.  This terrific shot by Barry Turner features some great elements in the blue of the sky, the rolling vista below and the shadows cast by the clouds overhead.

“Sometimes the lights all shining on me…” – this simply epic shot appears to have been captured by Mark Gvazdinskas in a helicopter high above the bay city of San Francisco.  A rather thick fog coats the city below in a thick veil, adding a strong element of drama and artistic tension to a shot that features one of the most incredible cities on earth today.

Snowy Egret – this wonderful picture by Wayne Beauregard features a Snowy Egret as it stands patiently scanning the waters below for its next meal.  Wayne’s wonderful picture here captures in an instant a little of the personality that makes this bird so unique and special.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

The Fibonacci spiral – for the fan of shapes, geometry and leading lines, this shot by Giuseppe Torre is the real deal.  We are surrounded by elements that utilize this basic mathematical precept in their design and creation, both natural and man-made, and this wonderful staircase uses this principle to showcase terrific geometry born from the Fibonacci sequence.

Sunrise On Obion River – beautiful colors are expressed in this great picture by Jim Denham, featuring a meandering river that leads out endlessly towards the horizon.  Jim’s attention to detail and lighting comes through in this gorgeous and peaceful photograph.

Reflections – a wonderful lake reflection mirrors the hills in the backdrop and the rich character found in the house that sits near the shores.  This great shot by Jeromos Rozsa features several key photographic elements that come together to deliver the strength found in the photograph as a whole.

The rugged beauty of Ecola State Park – Jim Nix brings us along as him and his family explores the west coast of the US in the state of Oregon.  Incredible seascapes are presented in this area, and in the shots posted here by Jim in this post they are captured and explored, taking advantage of the terrific natural moodiness found in a seascape that is covered in a thin veil of very dramatic fog.

Pier – this long exposure piece is full of great details and elements, in both the color tones found in the sky as well as the wood pier that gently leads the viewer through the frame and out towards a vanishing point.  Great artistic tension is found in this shot, leaving the viewer with more questions unanswered than otherwise.

Wondering Stray
Photo by Nik Voon

Stopham Bridge – a terrific shot straight from the studio of Barry Turner features an old stone bridge in a beautiful natural setting.  Fabulous details in the masonry on the bridge bring out textures that are a pure joy to view.

Behind the Fall – this stunning shot is taken from just off to the side and behind the wall of water created by an active waterfall.  Wim Denijs takes advantage of perspective in this piece to share a picture of a gorgeous natural scene, and for those who spend some time looking at the details a strong sense of scale begins to emerge showcasing the true size of the featured fall.

The Little Worker – this wonderful image from the studio of Eden gives us a glimpse into the workings of nature.  A tiny little ant is busy getting the job done on the vegetation that is surrounded by gorgeous flowers exuding vibrant colors in this piece.

Stormset – dramatic clouds full of cold hues linger over a gorgeous landscape as sunset falls in the midst of a pair of storm systems in this wonderful shot by Rob Nopola.  As the setting sun paints the underside of the dramatic clouds, it reveals a landscape that expresses some of the most incredible color palettes found in nature.

Chugach Camping – Ron Niebrugge takes us deep into the Alaska wilderness, sharing a great shot of his tent sitting under the watchful eye of some of the most epic snow-capped mountains you’ve ever seen.  The touch of artistic tension introduced by the tent adds a great element of interest to this piece.

Photo by Fabrizio Sciami

Fairy Glen – Ann Dixon shares a great shot captured in the world-famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, featuring a magical little place under the canopy of beautiful trees.  The dominant tree in this shot resembles a Japanese Maple to me, casting a lovely red hue over the scene and adding to the overall feel.

Mill Bay Marina | Your Next Destination – JoeRos shares a wonderful shot of a pier in one of our oceanside cities on Vancouver Island, called Mill Bay.  By using the gorgeous white flowers as a foreground element, he really brings the true feel of life on the island here out in his imagery.

Mt Fuji & Chureito Pagoda – a bright red Pagoda creates the perfect frame for the iconic landscape that features Mt. Fuji in this fabulous shot from peter stewart.  Layers reveal various key details in this shot, taking the viewer from the bright Pagoda down into the valley below where an entire city lays and finally up into the distance where the commanding mountain peak stands sentry over the entire landscape.


Dealing with the Client Pyramid – industry leader Joe Farace shares some thoughts and insights into the field of professional photography, and concepts on how to be highly successful particularly in the field of portrait photography.  I believe these concepts can apply to other verticals and genres of photography, and should at least be considered by those who are trying to build their client base.

Beautiful Macro Photo of a Hummingbird’s Details – Chris Morgan captures a series of mind-blowing macros of Hummingbird’s in flight and at rest in this post.  The incredible details captured in these laser-sharp images reveals a little of the intricate nature that comprises these fast-moving birds.

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