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This hand curated selection of links was selected carefully by Toad Hollow Photography during the week to reflect the very best the world of photography has published recently.  This weeks list features a great selection of tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs for everyone to enjoy.  We sincerely hope you love exploring these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


Video: Useful Tips for Buying Second-Hand Lenses – this terrific video tutorial is a little over 8 minutes in length and is full of great tips and tricks for buying a lens second-hand. All the key issues found in looking for a used lens are covered in this piece, helping you to assess a potential lens of interest and make sure you are buying what it is you are expecting to buy.

This Tutorial Covers Everything You’ll Need to Know about Photoshop’s Clone Tool – this 16 minute video tutorial takes you through the entire feature-set found in Photoshop’s Clone Tool, helping to remove unwanted elements in an image or fix issues that are a distraction from the composition being worked on.

Back to Basics: Flash Photography Tips for Beginners – there is some terrific information in this video tutorial for people who are beginning to get into flash photography. The video presentation starts with point-and-shoot cameras and works it’s way through to DSLR’s with hot shoes speedlights, covering a wide range of topics in a general manner to expand your horizons on topic.


Vivid – Light Stalking’s very own @dchester1001 takes us along as he captures some great imagery from an annual event hosted in Sydney, Australia. The city comes to colorful life in a festival that shares light, music and ideas with the audience, culminated by the beautiful light shows that are cast upon the sails of the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

Dr Strobe: the man who stopped time and electrified photography – in pictures – this collection of pictures features the work of strobe pioneer Harold Edgerton who invented the technique in the 1930’s. The images are amazing, even today, and really show the powerful imagery that is possible with this advent in artificial lighting.

eye of the needle by magnus.hagdorn, on Flickr

Bob Boyd’s Beautiful Photographs of NYC Will Draw You in and Keep You Scrolling – as promised, this selection from a master collection of images captured by Bob Boyd during a trip to New York city showcases his talents in understanding light and capturing images that are absolutely mesmerizing to take in and view. Each composition in the selection will cause you to pause as you take in the inherent drama and beauty of the scene, all of which take on a natural feel and leave you wanting more.

Stunning Footage of Yellowstone In Winter – this incredible park is explored in monochrome in this video presentation that showcases the natural beauty of the landscape and the creatures that call it home. The incredibly frigid conditions the film and photographers were captured in both add a distinct challenge for the team working in the field as well as expressing imagery that is pure in the context of the park at this time of year.

Haunting Photographs of Nagasaki Taken One Day After the Atomic Bomb Dropped – photography can be raw at the same time that it is an important link to an event in the past exposing images that should never be forgotten. This collection of images was captured the day after the nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, sharing pictures that are stark and very hard to look at for many.

My HDR Kauai Vacation Pictures – my good friend and photographer Keith Cuddeback takes us along on a grand adventure as he tours the beautiful Hawaiian landscapes and features that make it a true destination for holiday goers and nature fans the world over. Keith shares a terrific collection of shots he captured from his recent trip, each expressing a personal and unique vision of the island allowing the viewer a chance to take a vacation from the comfort of their computer from anywhere in the world.

Golden light by Infomastern, on Flickr


Ethereal – this picture pretty much defines the literal interpretation of Ethereal. Leah Kennedy finds an abandoned pier in Western Australia that appears to rise out of misty waters, the effect of using a long exposure technique to capture this piece.

Capitol Pines – Scott Wood delivers a new IR piece captured on the Washington State capitol grounds. The terrific architecture of the capitol building works in perfect harmony with the grand tree captured in the composition to reveal a scene not revealed through the exploration of the conventional spectrum of light.

Hungarian Dreamliner – this image is a perfect combination of fluidity framed by abstract details to deliver a picture that is absolutely captivating for the viewer. Jacek Gadomski uses a terrific post-processing technique to capture his personal vision and create a very unique image that expresses the essence of the landscape featured.

Denali Evening – the incredible and dramatic natural beauty only found in Alaska’s Denali Park comes to life on your screen in this breathtaking piece from the studio of Ron Niebrugge. The foreground featuring the flat lands leads off in the distance to the massive mountains standing sentry over the landscape, delivering a piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Galactica – Dany Eid takes us high up into a skyscraper overlooking the beautiful marina in the heart of Dubai. Wonderful colors and details from the architecture of the bustling city below creates layer upon layer of interest in this shot, rewarding the viewer who spends time searching through the image to take in the finer details.

Pretty Pair of Banditos – Jay Taylor shares a wonderful pair of photographs featuring birds he has found in the area. Jay’s use of a shallow depth-of-focus does a great job of isolating these delicate little creatures in their natural habitats, showcasing the wonderful spirit and natural beauty of the birds.

Moraine Lake Sunset – one of my personal favorite places on earth comes to life in this incredible photograph by Michael Lim. The epic raw beauty of the Canadian Rockies reveals scenes not found anywhere else, and this wonderful image of world-famous Moraine Lake in just the perfect light showcases both the park and why this is a mecca for photographers.

The Tunnels of Fort Pike – Tim Stanley takes us down into the tunnels of Fort Pike, a military installation built in the early 1800’s near New Orleans. The brick and earthen structure exhibits terrific opportunities for a study in texture, which Tim does handily by processing the resultant shot in monochrome.

Fairyland – a lush green forest creates the perfect frame to guide the viewer down a dirt path in the woods in this terrific image from Anita Megyesi. The path leads off into a fabulous vanishing point, creating a strong element of artistic tension that adds the perfect touch to the composition captured by Anita.

Silence – this dreamy and ethereal piece was captured by Gianluca Mantovani as he stood shore-side looking out over a body of water. An old wooden pier creates a perfect natural leading line, and the long exposure used to capture the frame turn the roiling waters into a layer of mist adding to the overall feel.

Tête-à-Tête by Thomas Leuthard, on Flickr

Snowy Owl – the incredible majestic beauty of a Snowy Owl comes to life in this wonderful photograph by Wayne Beauregard. Perched atop a post, this grand bird surveys its surroundings, undoubtedly on the lookout for its next meal.

GMC 100 Truck – Art Hakker Photography uses selective color in this stunningly detailed shot featuring a classic GMC pickup truck. The beautiful details in this carefully maintained vehicle truly come to life in this shot that showcases the wonderful lines and chrome used in its original design all those years ago.

The Watchman, The Virgin River, and No One But Me – Anne McKinnell finds her own personal perspective in Zion National Park in the US to capture this stunning landscape shot. A meandering river leads the viewer into the frame, guiding you into the distance where the commanding mountains stand high under a sky of fluffy white clouds.

Not Your Everyday Pool – San Simeon, California – as Len Saltiel visits the famous Hearst Castle in California, he comes away with a fresh photograph of the famous swimming pool in the mansion. Len’s perfect composition features the wonderful artistic details that comprise the focal points of the pool as well as a gentle reflection in the waters surface to add a layer of depth to the shot.

Tel Aviv Sunset – the intrinsic beauty of this world-famous city is explored from afar in this great photo by Edith Levy. Edith shares two perspectives of the cityscape from the hills of Old Jaffa, giving the viewer a look at what makes this place a must-visit destination.

Sunrise from Kausani I by kg.abhi, on Flickr

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert – Jim Nix shares a terrific set of photographs captured in Brussels in the early morning while the city still slept. Jim focuses this series on the town square called Grand Space, exploring the architecture and details that give this place its unique and personal character.

Streaming Light Trails – tilted horizons can create an unusual perspective in an image that adds to the overall drama and feel being strived for by the photographer. Jimmy McIntyre takes 11 different exposures of the Hong Kong skyline for this shot, creating a highly dramatic piece that showcases the city’s architecture and dynamism through the buildings and light trails of moving cars on the roadways.

Blue Eyes – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) meets his new neighbor, a beautiful cat just full of personality. The cat seems to have no fear of Andy and his peering camera, posing elegantly in a way to accent the deep, blue eyes that is possesses.

Rocky Gorge – Bob Lussier uses a 10 stop filter in this shot to take advantage of long exposure times in creating a dreamy and moody piece. Bob’s processing of the shot in black-and-white furthers the inherent drama of the scene, exposing a fast moving river as it works its way over jagged rocks.


Photo Essay Documents the Best Day of a Young Woman with Down Syndrome’s Life – this presentation reveals the best that photography has to offer to us all in terms of sharing personal experiences by delivering a highly moving project. This project compiled by photographer Lindsay Morris shares images from behind-the-scenes as well as the event itself, revealing a touching look at love and what it means. A must see piece in this week’s list.

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