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As another exciting week passes us by, Toad Hollow Photography has been seeking to find the best photography and articles to share here with everyone.  This week's list features a great hand-curated selection of tutorials, special features and great photography, all from some of the best artists and writers working in the field today.  We truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard


How to Bounce On-Camera Flash for Better Portraits – this is by far one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the topic of bouncing light from your flash for great photography results.  Some of the concepts here are both brilliant and simple, and Ben Lucas shares terrific sample photos of each of the techniques to showcase how great they work out in the field.

Photography Composition Tricks You Should Know – this simple guide covers all the key compositional techniques that can help you create your next great image.  Illustrative images are included with each type of composition, visually cueing the reader as to how the particular composition being discussed applies in the field.

Did It Do It: Did It Make People Want To Give Your Photograph More Than A Cursory Look? – Joe Baraban writes a great short article here that discusses advanced compositional techniques that are intended to draw a viewer into your frame and keep them engaged.  Joe is a leader in the field and his articles are always well worth the time to read.

Focus Stacking for Extended Depth of Field – the essentials behind the practice of focus stacking are explored in this tutorial.  Screenshots of Photoshop in action are coupled with an example image to both show you how to apply the technique, and to showcase the results.

7 Simple Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Taking More Creative Smartphone Photos – absolutely brilliant!  This article and accompanying 3+ minute video presentation gives you a terrific set of new techniques to use when capturing shots with your smartphone.  The concepts shared in this article present a whole new spin for most people, and will help you take your creativity to that next level only using the gadget that most of us carry in our pockets today.


Photography Terms Glossary – this is hands-down the most comprehensive photography terms glossary I’ve seen in many years.  Many of the definitions are accompanied by great diagrams that adds a great layer of visual definition to the term being explored here.  If ever you’ve wondered what an acronym or a term means, wonder no more!

19 Eerie Photos That Put America's Problems In Plain Sight – the economy remains a hot-button issue for many people, and signs of the global decline are to be found pretty much everywhere.  This great collection of haunting images by photographer Seph Lawless takes a close look at the homes in the US that once were full of life, and today are found in advanced processes of decay.

An Epic Photography Shootout: Benjamin Von Wong vs. Rebecca Litchfield – two incredible talents come together in this post, taking a challenge that sees them shooting similar themes within their own unique styles.  The results are what you would expect from such mega-talents, producing images that are breathtaking in a single glance as they reveal more to those who spend time taking in the finer details.

The Hazards of a National Geographic Photographer… – the life of the National Geographic photographer is one that many pine for.  What it less considered are the challenges and things that happen to them while out in the field capturing that next set of remarkable photographs.  Read all about it here.  Prepare to be amazed.

Photo by Giuseppe Milo


The Emerald City – the city of Seattle comes to life in this terrific nighttime cityscape photograph by Scott Wood.  The wonderful character of the city is expressed in it’s architecture, and Scott’s piece highlights this by really bringing the world-famous Space Needle into clear focus for the viewer to enjoy.

Last light on the glacier – Vincenzo Mazza composes a gorgeous piece in this photograph, featuring the natural allure of the glaciers in Iceland.  An almost surreal landscape comes into focus with this piece that takes advantage of the golden hour to gently kiss the entire scene in warm tones that add an almost ethereal feel.

Brooklyn Bridge at night – this terrific shot features the bright city skyline of New York taken at night.  Tobias-HH’s shot features the dramatic architectural features of the city sitting under a fluid sky from the long exposure used to capture this piece.

tidal pools and more – the tidal pools found on the shores of the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island are explored in this wonderful post by Joseph de Lange.  Life is abundant in these little pools, ranging in size from the tiniest of tiny up to creatures that are captivating in both their size and their way of life.

The Highlander – a Scottish castle comes to life in this wonderful photograph by Christian Lim.  As the light of day fades, it casts a golden tone over the landscape which adds a terrific element of interest to the shot as it highlights the stonework that comprises this old and beautiful piece of architecture.

Potawatomi – this great shot comes from the studio of CJ Schmit and features the new Potawatomi Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.  CJ takes advantage of the blue hour to accent the overall tones in the shot, and this accents the architecture just perfectly.

Selling Beer
Photo by Sascha Kohlmann

Frederick Sound Humpback – these types of photographs are incredibly difficult to capture, you have to have split-second timing and be in the perfect place at the right time.  Ron Niebrugge nails it with this shot that features one of the largest mammals that shares our planet with us as it breaches the water in the Alaska region.

Bled secret fairytale – photographer Uroš Demšar captures a stunning shot of one of my favorite places, that is Lake Bled in Slovenia.  This place takes on a magical quality to it with a castle and an ancient monastery sitting on it, and in the distance you can see the snow-capped mountains that surround it.

Franklin School – a commanding architectural study greets the viewer in this great photograph posted by Mark Summerfield.  The Franklin School has a rich history and this shot and accompanying story does a great job of bringing it’s character to life for everyone to enjoy.

Peaceful Reflections – this breathtaking piece captures the epic and raw beauty of the Canadian Rockies, focusing on the world famous Moraine Lake.  Debbie Tubridy’s composition finds us exploring the frame with colorful boats, jagged mountain ranges, and an exquisite reflection to mirror back the natural beauty.

Turn Point Lighthouse, Stuart Island, Washington – this terrific shot from the studio of Anne McKinnell features one of the romantic lighthouses that pepper the Pacific Northwest.  Anne grabs this great shot from her boat as she explores the area, capturing a unique composition of the lighthouse.

Natural History Museum – employing both long exposures and technical post-processing, Michael Breitung captures and shares a stunning architectural study of the Natural History Museum.  The techniques used to create this very strong image result in no real visible people being in the scene, adding a wonderful touch of artistic tension to a scene that is full of rich drama.

Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore - Happy Madras Week!!!
Photo by Vinoth Chandar

Dames Point Bridge – this great black-and-white piece from Barbara Youngleson features a textured shot that primarily exhibits lines, shapes and contrast.  Barbara’s unique perspective in her composition makes this study a special one.

Common Kingfishers – a pair of feisty Kingfisher birds have a go at it in this epic photograph by Shams Ul Haq Qari.  One bird is suspended in air as another tries to agitate the situation from atop a stump, creating a very dramatic scene.

Lerici at Night – Edith Levy captures a mesmerizing shot in this piece, featuring a town in Italy sparkling in the night.  The character-rich architecture and character of the town comes to life here, showing exactly why the part of the world is such a wonderful destination for a visit.

A sunny day in Amsterdam – join Jim Nix as he wanders about this world-famous city capturing shots of the city during the day.  These vibrant shots feature the terrific architecture of the city, as well as the well-known canals that add a perfect dash of romance to the setting.

Words Not Necessary – this black-and-white piece is completely profound, exposing an issue that is sadly prevalent in modern society.  This photo features a man who appears to be homeless and living in a state of poverty, and reaches deep into the heart of those who take the time to view through the art of composition.

Mountain Light – this terrific landscape piece from the studio of Len Saltiel features glorious natural light kissing a rugged mountain range in the distance.  The foreground has a great anchor in it in the form of a few canoes lying on the shore of the waters of the lake that sits under the watchful eye of the majestic mountains.

Worlds of Their Own
Photo by hnphotog

Purple Rain in the Arizona Desert – this is a very dramatic shot, straight from Chris Frailey, capturing the raw power of mother nature as she unleashes a strong storm upon those far below.  Almost surreal tones and colors grace this scene, gently draping it in a palette of voilet and blues that accents the overall feel.

Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls – a gorgeous waterfall is elegantly captured and shared in this shot posted by Rick Louie.  The portrait orientation of this shot punctuates the size and scale of this natural feature, an example of the immense beauty found in our natural world.

East River Abstract – this wonderful image is the pure definition of an abstract, capturing lines, contrast and color on an ethereal canvas.  This is a strong image by Mark Garbowski, one of the very best abstracts I’ve seen this week during our online adventures.

A Sea of Poppies and the Roll of Honour – this great post from Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shows just how powerful photography can be when used as a tool to share.  This selection of photographs features a living monument dedicated to those who lost their lives in WWI, and Andy includes some great background information to the post to add depth to the story.

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