32MP Front-Facing Camera Blade V10 Smartphone in the Works from ZTE


What do you do when your competition finally starts to catch up to you?

You could let them overtake you in the marketplace, or you can move the goalposts once more.

ZTE Blade V9 image via ZTE.

It looks like ZTE is going with the latter with its plans to release a 32MP front-facing camera smartphone within the near future.

This is a pretty big deal in the world of smartphone cameras because most of the devices used for front-facing cams is not as hot as what the rear-facing cameras are rocking.

DPReview bases its report on filings with Chinese regulatory authorities that describe a model that possibly uses the Samsung ISOCELL GD1 camera sensor.

The new model, thought to be the next in the Blade line of phones, could be out as soon as later this year.

A ZTE Blade V10 doesn’t really come as a shock but putting that kind of front-facing camera on it makes it stand out.

Other details that emerged about the phone from the regulatory filing also put it within the middle price bracket for smartphones. The ISOCELL GD1 comes with real-time video HDR capabilities according to DPReview in addition to a “0.8 micron pixel pitch and pixel-binning technology, merging four adjacent pixels into one for better dynamic range and lower noise levels” that could make the phone could in high-contrast uses.

The model’s main camera will have a 16MP primary and 5MP secondary sensor with a 6.3 inch LCD HD+ display.

Of course, who knows what markets this phone will be available in when it launches. If anything, ZTE (and its rival Huawei) stay in the news for regulatory issues in overseas markets, some of which have outright banned the devices.

That’s a shame because it looks like ZTE is turning out some good kit these days.

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