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Cityscape images can create a strong reaction in many people who enjoy the art of photography, showing in a frame how the impact of humanity can have a lasting effect on the landscapes we inhabit.  Our architecture and artistic features in a city help to define who we are as a community, in many cases, and this can translate wonderfully in a photograph.  This list comes to us from Toad Hollow Photography, who searched through many sources to find great examples of this genre of photography, and we truly hope you enjoy checking out these great images as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Veins – this cityscape image comes to us from photographer Gotham who uses an elevated perspective to capture this stunning shot.  The ambient light is perfectly harmonized with the city’s lights in this shot, which is then processed using warm color tones, all coming together to deliver a wonderful shot.

John Cunniff
John Cunniff

night in the city – Alberta based photographer Frank King shares a great shot of the city of Calgary at night, with the SUNCOR Energy Centre and the Bow being the predominant subjects.  This lively city drives most of its economy from the energy sector, and the moving lights help to create a strong feeling of this in this terrific frame.

Heli – this shot uses a straight-down vantage likely captured from a helicopter to create a stunning portrait of a vibrant city alive with activity.  The yellow tones from the lights of the cars and buildings work perfectly with the almost monochromatic tones of the structures, creating a very dramatic image.

The 5 Best Things About My Trip to Israel & Tel Aviv Kite Boarding – Edith Levy shares a terrific cityscape without it actually being the prime focus of the shot itself.  Edith’s photograph captures the vibrant city of Tel Aviv in the backdrop as kite boarders courageously fly above the pounding waves of the ocean below.

The Marina – Dany Eid shares many terrific shots from the city of Dubai, showcasing the dramatic and engaging city perspectives that make this a must-visit destination for photographers and travelers alike.  This wide-angle shot features a view of the marina, with wonderful details in the harbored boats and incredible buildings that comprise the city.

City Architecture – this link takes us to a gallery hosted on Scott Wood’s portfolio website where we find a series of terrific cityscape shots, many of them captured in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  Scott’s unique style lends itself perfectly to this genre of imagery, and there are a wide variety of great shots to explore and enjoy here.

Toronto after hours – a straight-down shot of the city of Toronto in Canada uses the window facade of the building being shot from as a terrific frame into the image.  Humza Deas captures this piece, highlighting the starbursts from the lights of the city to add a sense of wonder.

Essex Street – Bob Lussier shares a great vantage looking down Essex Street, capturing the fast moving light trails from the vehicles that make their way through the city’s corridor.  Beautiful colors from the vehicles and the lights of the buildings add a perfect element to this shot.

Financial District covered in fog – looking straight up we discover the dramatic contemporary architectural features focused on in this highly moody shot from Jazzy Vibes.  As the buildings themselves seem to reach forever into the sky, a thick fog high up causes this spectacular view to melt into the never.

Phil Dolby
Phil Dolby

Sunset at The Top of the Rock – an endless sea of high rises, office buildings and homes greets you in this stunning shot from the studio of Jim Nix.  Jim takes us to the heights of the Rockefeller Center in NY where a stunning sunset adds the perfect touch to this very dramatic and beautiful setting.

The View – Rana Jabeen uses a fisheye lens from the top of Burj Khalifa with this piece, showcasing the huge landscape that the world-famous city of Dubai calls home to.  The Dubai Marina sits front and center in this shot, and as the viewer follows through the frame we discover a beautiful sunset in the distance.

Cityscape – this link takes us to Michael Criswell’s site where two feature posts showcase a set of awesome cityscape photographs.  All four shots included here feature the skyline of Seattle, with several compositions revealing wonderful details and one of them featuring the drama of the city at night.

Marina… – photographer The Architect… shares a very dramatic and moody piece with this photograph, showcasing dramatic buildings that reach for the sky in a picture captured during nighttime.  Incredible details in the buildings work together with the soft reflections of the scene captured in the somewhat still waters that form the foreground.

Mahmood Salam
Mahmood Salam

Niagara Falls Cityscape – Len Saltiel shares a terrific cityscape shot in this piece, showcasing the city of Niagara Falls with its incredible architecture.  Len finds himself at this particular spot on the day he visited at just the right time as a beautiful rainbow arched overhead, adding a wonderful element to the photograph.

New York at night – once again the concept of elevation is used in this very powerful composition from Domingo Leiva.  The vibrant city of New York is featured here, with several of it’s world-famous buildings being the primary focus for the viewer as you are guided through the frame to find a city very much alive.

Morning Mist – Brad Truxell often adventures around his hometown of Pittsburgh, capturing enigmatic perspectives of this city through his lens.  In this shot, we find the city in the backdrop, framed by a pair of great trees that reveal a bridge that leads us over the river and into the city on our own personal journey of discovery.

Towards the Dark Night – this monochromatic piece uses the lack of color to accent the inherent drama found in the contemporary buildings that make the fabric of the city.  A main city street is full of light trails from moving cars and trucks, creating a perfect leading line into the frame itself.

TCR – Wabasha St. Bridge – Jim Denham uses a bridge to create a strong leading line, guiding us into the heart of St. Paul to discover the wonderful city and the architecture that gives it such depth of character.  This shot looks to be captured during the blue hour, taking advantage of how the ambient light is perfectly balanced with the lights of the city, creating a wonderful feel.

Venezia Notte – Paolo Di Nunno uses a tight frame in this image that is processed with a painterly effect to guide the viewer into the frame where an abundance of artistic tension awaits discovery.  The wonderful character of this city is so interesting, full of canals and old architecture that exudes the spirit and personality of the old community.

Andrew Sutherland
Andrew Sutherland

Cityscape – New York City creates the perfect subject for this shot from Marcaux that uses a very unique composition and processing technique to create a special piece.  The lines of the subway tracks create a perfect leading line into the frame, where the energetic city of New York peeks through a hazy skyline.

In front of the city – a jet airliner in the foreground of this shot acts as an anchor for the image which showcases a city in the backdrop.  Takahiro Bessho’s unique compositional technique creates a fresh view on the concept of cityscapes, full of light and color.

Chicago Sunset – this highly contrasted piece is presented here by darthmauldds, showcasing the incredible city of Chicago just moments before the sun disappears for the day.  Silhouettes of the city’s incredible architecture reach for the skies in this photograph, making for a compelling shot to see.

Toledo – Spain comes to life in this shot taken from a high perspective overlooking a city beyond the river and falls that dominate the foreground.  As you work your eye into the frame, the old architecture of the city itself pops to life, sharing a bit of the character and wonder that makes this place so special.

Newcastle Cityscape & Bridges – a city skyline that can only be seen in the United Kingdom comes to life on our screens in this terrific shot from Martyn.  As the viewer's eye follows the old bridges into the heart of the city we find the architecture and character of an old European city to greet us.

Downtown Dubai – Daniel Cheong delivers a stunning cityscape with this piece, highlighting both the veins of the city that are formed from the busy streets that never run quiet as well as the famous Burj Khalifa in the center of the frame.  The sense of dynamism finds perfect harmony with the terrific details in the architecture in this terrific shot.

Allen Lai
Allen Lai

Cityscape – the epic skyline of Singapore reveals dramatic skyscrapers that appear to reach toward the sky forever in this great HDR shot from Yasith.  Here we see the dark outlines of the structures standing tall and proud against a gently colored sky, adding to the incredible details we find in the buildings.

Tokyo Tower – the famous Tokyo Tower forms and anchor in this shot from photographer PAkDocK @PAkDocK.  Deep contrasts are explored in this frame, creating a bit of a mood that draws the viewer in on a voyage of discovery.

Cityscape – the blue hour at dusk paints a wonderful hue over the entire city in this great shot from ramez elderiny.  The body of water the sits in the foreground adds a gently rippled reflection to this piece that exhibits great details and vibrance.

Twilight – the tones from the blue hour drape over the city of San Diego in this shot from Pasi Kaunisto.  These hues work perfectly with the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers that form the main focus of this image, accented by the gentle blue reflections of the waters in the foreground.

Metro Jakarta , View from Gedung A Bank Indonesia – Jose Hamra shares a wide shot of the city as the sky in the distance explodes in glorious color, accenting the entire frame and highlighting the incredible silhouettes of mountains in the far distance.  Crisp details in this shot reveal aspects of the architectural features that stand out, creating a piece sure to deliver more to the viewer as you spend time taking it in.

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