45 Fantastic Photographs Of Fireworks To Get You Feeling Festive!

Ok so pardon the alliteration in our title today! Fireworks are just so much fun! And it is just wonderful if you can capture the brilliance of the display for yourself…particularly if the event or holiday where the fireworks are exploding in the sky is of importance to you and your family.

The trouble is capturing fireworks in all their glory isn't always an easy thing to do. Here are some quick tips to get you started

Fireworks – A Quick How To…

  1. Use a Tripod
  2. Use a cable release or wireless remote
  3. Aperture = F11 (as a starting point)
  4. ISO = 100
  5. Shutter Speed = 4.0 Seconds (use Bulb mode)
  6. Focal Length 35mm (Crop Sensor) (again as a starting point)
  7. Do some homework and planning. Enjoy the show!

Of course, these are just quick tips to get you started. If you are interested in taking truly phenomenal photos of fireworks (yep! I did it again!) then take a look at Richard Schneider's ebook.

Meanwhile, here are 45 Fantastic Photographs Of Fireworks to inspire you.










Capturing Fireworks With Flair!

Studying these fantastic images of fireworks is a great way to get inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing.

How To Photograph Fireworks – teaches you how to capture fireworks in all their brilliance. You'll learn every element of firework photography from the gear you'll need and the camera settings you should be using, to composition and post-processing

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How To Photograph Fireworks – will ensure that you get images that explode off the frame. You'll get more out of your images than just a blur on the screen. Check out Richard Schneider's ebook as it will teach you everything you need to know about the process of capturing fireworks from start to finish, everything from gear and camera settings to composition and post-processing to help you achieve great results. Click here now to take a look.

























Have You Been Captivated By These Fantastic And Phenomenal Photographs Of Fireworks?

Make sure you take a look at Richard Schneider's ebook – How To Photograph Fireworks. This provides you with a complete step process to creating stunning images of fireworks – including teaching you everything you need to know from gear and camera settings to composition and post-processing to get the image you want.

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