5 Free Downloadable Guides on Photography Fundamentals


To a beginner, learning a new subject can often be overwhelming, especially when he or she is learning something on their own. Photography is no different. Which is why mastering the fundamentals is essential to growing as a photographer.

The basics of exposure, metering and camera controls, among other topics, help you understand the steps involved in creating a photograph and gradually gain confidence in photography. In this post, we bring you free guides from Photzy on the fundamentals of photography. Go ahead and download them. We hope that they will keep you motivated. And keep practicing!

Quick Guide to Exposure

the-exposure-triangle-1When you photograph, you are essentially making an exposure. Light enters your camera and hits the sensor, and the image is created. As simple as it sounds, there is a lot going on inside the camera when that process happens. This guide will teach you the concept of exposure triangle and how each of the three settings – aperture, shutter speed and ISO – affects a photograph.

Understanding Metering Modes

understanding-metering-modes-1Are your photographs coming out too dark or too bright to your liking? It could be that you’re not using the right metering mode or probably don’t understand how to use this setting best to nail the exposure in your shots. Metering is how your camera determines the exposure. This guide will take you through the different metering modes – spot, center-weighted, evaluative, and partial – and tell you when to utilize which one.

Understanding Lenses

understanding-lenses-1There are different types of lenses for different purposes. But how do you decide which one to choose for what use? Lenses can be costly so you need to know very well what you are going to use it for before buying one. This guide will help you understand lenses better – the different kinds, how they work, their construction, primes vs. zooms.

10 Camera Controls Every Photographer Should Know

10cameracontrols-1Your first DSLR camera can be a little intimidating, with all its settings and dials. There may be steep learning curve, to understand everything that your camera is capable of doing and then putting it to practice. Your photos may not often come out the way you expect them to. While your camera manual should be the first thing you should read to become well versed with your camera, here is a guide that lists ten important camera controls that you should know and always remember.

Bonus: DSLR Camera Basics (video guide). Do check out this video guide to learn how a DSLR camera operates.

How to Become a Confident Photographer

160817-qg-confidentphotographer-img001-1When you have confidence in your photography, it can translate to producing wonderful photographs – in photography gigs, in approaching strangers for photos, in family events, and in photographing outside your comfort zone. But what does it take to become confident photographer? This guide will is packed with helpful tips on how to gain confidence and also lists eight things that you can do to improve yours.

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