7 Talented Photographers To Follow On 500px


Even though 500px isn't nearly as popular as Instagram, it is still a useful website to follow if you're looking for inspiration or if you want to build your own portfolio.

This platform is known for promoting the best images and they have really great weekly and monthly contests. Both renowned and amateur photographers use 500px so browsing through this website can be an unpredictable and fun experience.

The following 7 photographers are the ones whose work I found via 500px and I consider them really talented!

1. Jimmy Mcintyre

Jimmy McIntyre is a travel photographer known for his dreamlike long exposure images. The colors in his images are wonderfully soothing and his entire profile is truly a feast for the eyes. Jimmy also has a YouTube channel so feel free to follow him and watch his tutorials if you're into this type of photography. He does great tutorials on landscape and cityscape photography.

2. Rey Vladyc Mangouta

If you're into elaborate portraits, this is a perfect account for you! Rey Vladyc Mangouta is a South African photographer who's really nitpicky in terms of lighting, composition, and post-processing. His portraits can be a great motivation for amateur photographers who'd like to achieve the same level of craftsmanship.

3. Antony Spencer

Antony Spencer is a landscape photographer who focuses on colors and textures rather than places and landmarks. The results of his unique approach are highly artistic landscape photographs that resemble abstract art. Antony has very diverse images in his portfolio on 500px and you can see how his photos have evolved from regular to truly unique landscapes.

4. Vadim Stein

Vadim Stein is a Ukrainian photographer and videographer who specializes in black and white portraits. His images are dramatic and highly sensual and they range from full-body portraits to abstract skinscapes. I highly recommend his profile on 500px to anyone who's looking for inspiration when it comes to sensual, boudoir, and artistic nude photography.

5. Sasha Brazhnik

If you want to learn more about food photography, commercial photography, and color wheel – look no further!

Sasha Brahznik is a still-life photographer from Russia who creates super clean yet delightful images of food and makeup. This artist might be interesting to you if you're into graphic design or advertising and you want to learn how to create something that looks fresh, delicious, and playful.

6. Ian Ross Pettigrew

This photographer has such a versatile portfolio and he doesn't stick to one particular style of shooting and editing. His portraits range from classic b&w shots to super-saturated color photos that are almost painful to look at! On top of that, many of his portraits are rather humorous. I recommend his profile to anyone who wants to see something uplifting and stylish.

7. Elsa Bleda

Elsa is a South African photographer who shoots mainly dark cityscapes and foreboding landscapes. Her work is cinematic and if you appreciate noir style (like me!), you'll enjoy her portfolio. Besides landscapes and cityscapes, Elsa shoots unusual neon-lit portraits that are simply gorgeous!

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Thank you very much Jasenka , i found Elsa on insta after reading this she has lots of beautiful works thanks for the heads up 🙂

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