65 Beautiful Photography Projects for You to Do

Learn photography by doing photography is a theme we have been pushing for a while now, and it's probably something you, like the vast majority of Light Stalking's readers, gel with. It's faster, more fun and an all-around more efficient way of learning. It's how most of us WANT to learn.


In that spirit, I wanted to make sure you saw the new Photzy Action Cards. 65 gorgeous, printable projects that you can take with you into the field to really lock down some solid photography concepts in a fun way.

Take a look at the full set here.

The Action cards are divided into 34 composition cards and 31 genre cards.

Each card has the basic theory for you to refer to, but more importantly, a practical exercise for you to complete. A feedback questions to look for in your images!

The composition cards will show you 34 ways to place elements of your photos to make your images stronger. The genre cards will show you specifically how to master the basics of 31 popular photograhic topics.

THIS is how to REALLY learn something in a practical way.

Some of The Elements of Composition You Will Nail Down Are:

  • juxtaposition
  • visual weight
  • S curves
  • spot color
  • many more

Some of the genres you will learn are:

  • Creating jaw-dropping landscape photography
  • Creating architectural photography
  • Creating moonscape photographs
  • How to shoot gorgeous night shots
  • many more

At a full cost of over $300 (ie $5 per card) it is pretty exxy, but we asked Photzy for a discount for Light Stalking readers and it's only $39 meaning you save over 85%.

That price is good for less than a week, so get on it now.

The Action Cards, like everything from Photzy, come with a 100% one year guarantee, so if they're not for you, just return them. No risk.

As far as ways to dramatically improve your photography in a short time, these are at the top of the pile, so grab them here and get out shooting!

Take a look at the full set here.

There is a free bonus up for the next few customers to get the “Action Card Lesson Plan” to help you work through the whole set of cards. Grab it before it comes down.



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