7 Amazing Deals and Freebies on Photography Education


It is a fact that one should constantly strive to get better at a skill to produce better results, photography being no exception. Henri Cartier-Bresson famously said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” It couldn't be truer. We might as well raise the number to 100,000 considering it is the digital age now. Nonetheless, it takes time and effort to take your photography to the next level. Continuous learning and experimentation is the key. To help you become a better photographer, we've put together great deals and freebies on photography education for you. 

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Advanced Composition – Getting Beyond the Rule of Thirds

advanced composition

In this book, Kent DuFault delves deep into the artistic and technical aspects of composition, beyond the basic ‘rules' that we usually read about everywhere. You will learn how to recognize disparate elements that can come together in a frame, quickly establish the best composition elements possible, how to pre-visualize and much more. Offer valid till 7 June.
Price – $40   $29  (28% off)

Photoshop Tools Crash Course

photoshop tools

This comprehensive course at Udemy covers majority of the key tools used in Photoshop. Philip Ebiner, the course instructor, provides quick, 2 to 5 minutes lessons on each tool so this is a great course for beginners in Photoshop as well as advanced users looking to learn a new trick or two. Offer valid till 30 June.
Price – $29   $10  (65% off)

iPhone Camera Essentials

iphone essentials

If you use your iPhone or iPad to capture photographs a lot and wonder how you could get the best out of it, this course might just be for you. iPhoneographer Guy Yang will teach you basic composition and editing techniques as well as how to use some of the best apps out there. Offer valid till 30 June.
Price – $49   $17  (65% off)

The Art of Travel Photography

travel photography

Planning a travel and want to return with wonderful memories in the form of travel photographs? Philip Ebiner will give you travel photography tips in this course at Udemy. From packing tips and safety considerations to best camera settings to use as well as editing techniques, there will be a lot to learn. Offer valid till 30 June.
Price – $49   $17  (65% off)


Lighting 101 eBook, by Strobist

strobist lighting 101

The ever popular online lessons on lighting in photography, Lighting 101, can be downloaded as a single file for a handy reference. It will teach you everything about lighting – lighting equipment, artificial lighting, balancing it with natural light, lighting patterns and many more tricks. If you are looking for an in-depth primer on lighting, Lighting 101 will be a great place to start.

Nine Motivational Essays on Photography, by Scott Bourne

9 motivational essays bourne

As photographers, we periodically experience a creative block that leaves us unmotivated. Scott Bourne's motivational essays can be a great remedy for it. These nine essays tackle the issues of photographic motivation, creative rut, and getting photographic inspiration in different ways. A must-read for all photographers.

Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide

lr5 quick guide

Victoria Brampton, of The Lightroom Queen, has put together a great guide for those looking to get started with Lightroom 5. Right from installing and importing photos in LR to explaining the workspace and basic editing techniques, the guide covers everything in great detail. 

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