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Back from a brief summer vacation, the Toad has been busy all week getting caught up with all the activity in the realm of photography.  Toad Hollow Photography has put together this weeks comprehensive list of fabulous links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs that contain some really incredible images and posts to see.  We hope you enjoy viewing the sites in this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

The Toad's lovely and talented wife, Mrs. Toad, has been busy with her digital pen lately on their blog.  Check out her latest piece “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice” which takes us inside a kitchen display in a local heritage museum and takes us on a tour of the heart of an old historic home.


10 Tips for Photographing Classic Cars – this is a great list of tips and tricks for photographing cars, now that the season is truly upon us.  Rod Arroyo delivers a brief but totally comprehensive list of considerations and concepts to employ when shooting this type of photography, well worth the time to visit.

Moon – Light Stalkings very own @astaroth shares a post here that includes some really great moon images, as well as some of the technical details behind how they were captured.  This insightful piece is really interesting to see and read, and is very well put together and presented.

Video Tutorial: Improve Your Compositions Skills – Jason Hines creates a new video tutorial that goes in-depth into the subject of image composition.  Jason’s comprehensive tutorials are full of great details and tips that are sure to be of interest to everyone in the field.

Quick guide to street photography Skills – this is a brief outline that discusses some tips and tricks on how to achieve great candid street based photography.  Some of the tips shared here can be applied to any sort of candid photography, making this a really interesting piece to read.

Beach Model Photography Tips | Capture Gorgeous Photos – this article contains some really great insights into this genre of photography.  It discusses backdrops, lighting and compositional considerations, all in good enough detail to shed some light on this specific style of image creation.

HDR – Since 1962 as Photo Art Texture HTDS – Mark Neal shares a really great image with several variations of post-processing applied.  He also puts together a video tutorial that discusses texturing as a technique for finishing off an image in a specific style.


`Saved` ~ The Hollywood Theatre ~ Gowanda, NY – every single craving to see in all the hidden areas of this incredibly wonderful old heritage theatre is fulfilled in this epic shoot by A.D Wheeler.  As A.D. shoots this theatre that is right in the midst of a renovation, we get a sneak peek inside to explore all the historic and character-rich elements that make for a great theatre from an earlier time.

Ford GT – albeit a creation manufactured just a few short years ago, this car has passed into the realm of icon to all true car enthusiasts.  Tim Stanley captures and shares a real stunner of an image showcasing the beauty found in the lines of this fabled car, creating a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Hat, Suit, and Overcoat – I can only hope that Mark Garbowski chooses to continue this series.  Mark’s use of black-and-white accents the rich drama and tension he creates in the scene by including himself as the source of human existence.  This highly emotional piece is perfectly composed and has a backdrop so spot-on you’d think Mark went about creating it specifically for the shot.

Army Rat Rod – this is a great, great shot of a great, great car!  Chris Nitz utilizes a low perspective to deliver an unique composition in this shot that brings all the inherent interest in this fascinating car to life for everyone to enjoy.  The monochrome processing gives the shot a sense of nostalgia, which is highly sympathetic to the subject photographed here.

Full circle – great shapes, geometry and natural lighting are all explored in this great abstract image from Coolbiere. A.  This picture has some great tones and marvelous leading lines that naturally take the viewer through the frame.

Zonda – my weakness for great car photography finds itself somewhat satiated with this top drawer photo from Nigel Harniman.  Nigel uses a tilted perspective to create a truly unique composition that delivers all aspects of a great motion based car piece.

Self-Indulgence – for the macro enthusiast, this series of photos from local photograph Ehpem brings a great set to the internet to share.  Fabulous natural lighting and beautiful subjects come together in this post delivering a piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

2:42 P.M. At Claremont Station – Wayne Frost delivers a painterly stylized piece here that really shares the true spirit and character found at a train station.  Trains create a natural sense of romance and adventure, and Wayne’s picture does a great job in sharing this theme with the viewer.

Have You Seen My Zebra? – just when it seemed safe to go back into the garage, another zebra shows up!  Tom Barnett takes us inside a very interesting garage that is full of photogenic artifacts, focusing his camera on this old amusement park artifact.

Abstract Geometry – a natural geometrical landscape is presented and shot here by LensScaper (Andy Hooker).  Lines, colors, reflections…  this picture has it all going on, leaving the viewer truly wondering what it is they are looking at, yet still delivering a very compelling photo to view and enjoy.

Poolside – as we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of summer up here in the Northern Hemisphere, pictures of bright sunny days accented by beautiful pools are something we specifically go looking for.  Jimi Jones takes us along to Las Vegas as he explores one of their exquisite and well-featured pools.

Sunset on the Serengeti – a very expressive Reticulated Giraffe and two Marabou Storks pose for the camera of Michael Lewis Glover in this wonderful shot.  Michael takes us along to a theme park in Tampa, FL that is home to some truly wonderful creatures, and comes away with this great photo that is sure to be a source of delight and joy for all who pop by to view.

The Mummy's Curse? He's only 1 ply – great photography converges with fabulous subject matter in this post from Terry Border.  Terry’s top drawer piece here needs no further description after reading the title, all the wonderful wit and fascinating details can come to life on their own with a single viewing.

London 2012 Olympic Cycle Race(s) – Chris Maskell delivers a great compendium of images of a cycling event in the 2012 Olympics.  Taken near his home, this great collection takes the viewer right to the heart of the action, creating a series that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone whether or not you are a fan of the global gathering.

untitled by im nothing in particular, on Flickr

Strathcona Sunrise and Being Happy Again – after a terrible loss of a dear family pet Anne McKinnell once again finds her heart and joy in photography.  This epic shot of a beautiful sunrise captured in one of BC’s iconic parks is full of natural beauty and great colors and tones; a fitting scene to photograph as she finds herself once again behind the lens doing what she loves to do.

Sometimes Words Aren’t Necessary – wonderful natural lighting creates a strong and dramatic shadow to accent the powerful nature of the scene presented and shot here by Mike Victorino.  Mike has left this image to do the talking for him, and the results are absolutely astounding.  Well worth the time for a visit and view.

Milky Way over Paradise Divide – a gorgeous night time shot is created and shared here by Rick at Hansrico Photography.  The beautiful stars in the night sky delicately paint the scene in light, creating truly terrific silhouettes of the surrounding trees.

New Hampshire Beauty – the natural beauty of this area presents a stunning scene to Len Saltiel.  As Len overlooks the rolling hills and valleys below, he captures an almost iconic fall scene of the farms nestled far below.  This shot is full of natural colors and great details, sure to be enjoyed by all who pop by to see for themselves.

“Summer” Stormy Sunsets and Soccer – we get whisked away to an eventful soccer game in this great post from Howard.  Howard creates a few panoramic images that really give the viewer a strong sense of the scale and excitement of the venue this particular night, making for a post that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Luckenbach, TX – prepare to saddle up and being taken far back in time in this awesome post from Jim Nix.  Jim brings us all along as he explores this western themed town, sharing a great image of the post office/general store/saloon in the heart of town.

Moonset – an Arizona moonset creates the absolutely perfect setting for Jason Hines.  Jason does a top notch job in creating a truly unique framing for the moon sliver, by carefully composing it between natural rock formations.

Across the Channel – the Boston city skyline at night is wonderfully captured here by Steven Perlmutter.  As the city sits on the shore, the lights of the fascinating buildings and architecture serve to create a lovely reflection of the city.

Weekend Relaxer #31 – this picture presents a great combination of elements to come together and enjoy.  Chris Nitz creates a new blog post here that gives a brief review of this tasty looking beverage, which in turn has a car on the label.  The label then is accented by the car keys sitting on the table in the foreground, combining all the elements together to create a full story for the viewer to enjoy.

Mt. Rainier from Southwest Air – Scott Wood captures and shares a great shot of Mt. Rainier from the cabin of a Southwest Air flight.  This is a great shot of the mountain, and the added element of the airplane's wing with the corporate logo on it creates a shot that is worthy, indeed, of being used as a promotional piece.

Infinity and beyond… – this long exposure shot of a city in Dubai is really rather breathtaking.  Subodh Shetty captures a scene that appears to go on forever in a vanishing point, creating a picture that gives the viewer a strong sense of expanse.  Great details in the city lying below converge with all the elements at work to create a really compelling picture to view.

Marseilles Fisherman – a story a thousand miles deep lies within the eyes of this fisherman in France.  Barbara Youngleson creates a very alluring picture with this image, one full of natural tension and mystery.

Rainy Day in Prague – the beautiful old cobblestone streets of Prague are explored in this wonderful photograph from the studio of Anita Megyesi.  The rich details of the historic architectural features of this gorgeous city comes to life in this shot, which is accented by the wet appearance of the street from the rain.

objects in the mirror . . . – talk about combining great subject matter with a touch of humor to paint a full picture!  dragonflydreams88 does a wonderful job in conveying her message here with this awesome image of a dog with its head stuck out the window of a car.

Untitled by Nathan O'Nions, on Flickr

Sunset over Legend Lake, WI – a gorgeous sunset complete with stunning colors is captured and presented in this picture from Bob Israel.  The dramatic clouds in the sky punctuate the inherent drama in the scene, bringing it all together in one very captivating image.

Sanatorium “Haus ohne Sorge” – the most profound images of decay and natural weathering are delivered in this great post.  An old and abandoned sanatorium is left full of artifacts that in turn create the most stunning photographic subjects to explore.

An Unforgettable Volcano View – Adam Allegro brings us along as he explores a most gorgeous sunset from a perch at the resort he stayed at.  The beautiful architecture of Greece combines with the breathtaking scenery to create a picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit and view.

Clinging At The Dome – Jerry Denham photographs a striking tree near the summit of the Smoky Mountains.  The fog shrouds the tree in mystery, which creates a most interesting shape to appear from the exotic could formation.  Absolutely dramatic and compelling, this shot is sure to be a hit for all who visit.

The Margaret Todd | The Skipper – Edith Levy takes a trip aboard a most amazing 151ft schooner, and comes away with a set of truly awesome photos to view and enjoy.  All the shots can easily stand on their own as compelling images, but when taken in together as a collection, the viewer is immediately taken on a sailing adventure.

Flaming Ford – pseudo-HDR – I am really on fire for this excellent shot!  Mark Neal perfectly post-processes this single frame image to create a really great HDR looking picture of this iconic hot rod.  Mark creates an abstract piece here with his really unique composition and perspective of the car.

Around the ‘Burgh – a varied assortment of different shots of the city of Pittsburgh are shared in this post from Dave DiCello.  The beautiful and fascinating architecture of this famous city all comes to life in this series, making for a post that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Next Stop…Paris! – Jim Denham does a great job in capturing a slightly nostalgic image that is complete with a fabulous vanishing point.  The railroad tracks in the centre of this great little town form the perfect natural leading lines for this shot; a great picture from Jim’s studio.

Inviting – a wonderful study in shadows and tension is presented here in this breathtaking landscape shot from Len Saltiel.  A rolling hill with a character-rich farm as the backdrop forms the main subject in this shot, creating a colorful and captivating image to take in and enjoy.

A Chair in the Alcove – Bob Lussier’s work in the Stone Mill is a source of constant enjoyment for us, with some of the most incredible imagery to come from it.  This shot presents a lonely chair in a hallway, with the most dramatic and compelling shadows painting the open door that gives the viewer a peek into a place not often seen.

Slot Canyon Walls – Mark Paulson takes us to the iconic spot in Arizona that presents incredible lines, shapes and colors to photograph.  This picture embodies the nature of this place, and Mark has done a wonderful job in capturing and sharing a scene from here.

Car Show – a classic car show provides the venue, and Steven Perlmutter brings his talents and camera.  Steven photographs a pair of really incredible old classics, making for a post that is sure to satisfy the car nut in all of us.

IR from Steptoe Butte – I just love the completely unique vantage that is presented to the viewer with IR photography.  Scott Wood is a leader in this realm and in this post he shares a great image of a rolling landscape, delivered in a way that is sure to reveal secrets and details never before seen.

Going Down – well past its prime, this abandoned building plays host to an elevator that no one should use.  Mark Garbowski explores this urbex environment and produces a very captivating photo of the elevator that benefits greatly from his post-processing techniques.

Anna’s on Lavender – Jay Taylor presents another fabulous photograph of a hummingbird in mid-flight.  The wonderful depth of focus Jay uses to capture this shot really brings all the spirit and character of this wondrous little bird to life.

The DeLorean Visit – an iconic car that almost everyone is at least familiar with, the Back To The Future Delorean (replica) makes for a great experience to visit. Mark Moore brings us along as he photographs this incredible creation, delivering a great set of images that is sure to be the source of delight and amazement for all who visit.

The Wavy Eucalyptus Trees at Pajaro Dunes – a slightly ethereal scene is created here by Keith Cuddeback who turns a grove of fascinating trees into a study of shapes, lines and textures.  Only nature can create such symphonies for the visually driven, and Keith does a fabulous job of capturing and processing this image to produce a striking picture.

A Cabin Near Brooks Lake – Steve Creek photographs a landscape scene with a hidden gem in it.  This rustic cabin is hard to spot in the first photo, and the second image posted here takes us right to the front door where all the charm of this tiny building truly comes to life.

Summer Storm – lightning photography is dramatic, electrifying (sorry about that, you had to see it coming) and fully captivating.  Creating great imagery in this genre requires skill and determination as the photographer tries to anticipate “the moment”.  Steve Beal does a great job capturing this electrical storm from his front porch, sharing a colorful shot with great lines and details in the lightning tendrils.

For All The World To See – a rustic old barn in a pasture is decorated with a large American flag.  Curt Fleenor goes above and beyond the call of duty in this case to capture this incredible shot that is full of great character.  Fabulous details and textures in the barn itself brings it all together here rather nicely.

Intersection 2 – a creepy and moody scene is cast in an old abandoned school, and Scott Frederick re-processes a shot to share using new post-processing techniques he has uncovered.  The wonderful textures and details in the shot really add so much inherent interest to this extremely dramatic setting.

Standing Ruins & Wine – one of the things I love about photography so much is the ability to visit and see places and things that would otherwise not be possible.  Jay&Jacy Photography does a great job bringing this concept to life in this shot of an old fireplace standing in a vineyard.

When You Smile for the Camera, I Know They’re Gonna Love It – what an incredible image of a dragonfly at rest, as shared here by Rob Hanson.  Rob delivers an absolutely perfectly composed image that really accents the character of this little being, all brought together with the great overall tones in the shot.

Emotion & Variations in G Minor – Gareth Glynn Ash brings us a picture of a most beautiful flower, dedicated to his one true love.  The great colors in the flower are accented here by the very shallow depth of focus that Gareth has used to make the subject truly stand out in the scene.

Thai elephant – a beautiful elephant stands in a watering hole drinking, surrounded by the most incredible and exquisite colors and tones.  Sasi – smit captures a very emotional and compelling piece here, one that is sure to be enjoyed by all who pop by for a viewing.

Fireworks #2 – a truly astounding fireworks shot is posted and shared here by Kaz Watanabe.  The colorful building that sits in the foreground adds a sense of scale and tethering to the scene, presenting a picture to the viewer that is so captivating.

Windswept Candles – Rachel Cohen captures a photograph of flowering tall weeds called Black Snake Root that shares a great story with the viewer.  These beautiful flowering weeds do, indeed, look like long white taper candles, and Rachel does a fabulous job here of bringing all the natural romance of this natural scene out for everyone to enjoy.

Ponytail Falls – Scott Ackerman makes an intense trek into the forest to capture this awesome shot of a most beautiful waterfall in action.  As the water falls into the pool below, Scott creates an image of the scene that turns the water into a veil with crisp details of the surroundings to bring it all together.

Dark and Light in Lijiang – Trey Ratcliff does it again in this great night-time scene.  This gorgeous scene shot in China is accented by a gentle reflection in the water in the scene, creating a further strong sense of interest in an already captivating picture.

Movie Night in the '57 – an awesome shot of an iconic American classic car is shared here by CJ Schmit.  CJ’s monochrome application of the scene accents all the rich nostalgia inherent here, producing a very stunning picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all who view it.

Landscapes and surprises – @astaroth here on Light Stalking has been out on another adventure in his area.  He has compiled a really great set of images here of the landscapes and features, producing a post that is well worth the time to visit…  with a neat surprise at the end.

Vale United Methodist Church – a quaint historic church is the main subject of this wonderful photo from Mark Summerfield.  The lovely setting and great architectural details of the heritage site combine here to produce a very beautiful and striking image.

July Morning at the Barn – Jeff Clow shares an almost iconic landscape scene here that would look great hanging as a print on anyone’s wall.  A character-filled old barn sits in front of a majestic mountain scene, and Jeff grabs a really breathtaking photo to post and share here.

The cozy evening – a romantic night scene is captured and shared here, complete with great old cobblestone streets that are damp.  Great gentle reflections bounce back at the viewer from the wet streets, and the candid people enjoying the evening add so much interest here.

Donnerstag – Martin Black has a totally unique style he works with in shooting models, and this image really stood out during our weekly adventures.  This beautiful model poses in a garage wearing a bright red dress, creating a truly striking image to view and enjoy.

Old Building in Modern China – Tye Hill shares a black-and-white photo taken in Shanghai, China of an old building in a state of decay.  Great textures and details are all brought to life in this shot, creating a very dramatic picture.

Tawney Crescent – a beautiful flower creates the most perfect landing spot for a gorgeous little butterfly in this wonderful photograph from Kat White.  Kat uses a perfect depth of focus in this colorful shot to bring the flower and butterfly front and center for everyone to enjoy.

Buddy – Faithful Friend – a wonderful dog smiles back at the camera in this great shot by Kerri Farley.  This very expressive friend seems to be hamming it up a bit for the camera, providing the viewer a perfect image to see to bring a smile to your face.

Matilda Bay Boathouse – Jacob Lucas shares a great shot of a boathouse at the end of a pier in Australia.  Great tones in the scene are accented here by a great vanishing point created by the pier that leads the viewer's eye directly to the boathouse.

Another Lifetime — Denver, CO – Thomas Hawk captures and shares a very dramatic black-and-white photograph.  The candid nature of this shot adds so much drama and tension to the scene, immediately making it an instant classic.

A Door For A Princetonian – great natural light and dramatic shadows play against each other as they cross a wonderful old wooden door at this iconic location.  Scott Wyden takes a shot of this door at Princeton University, creating a truly compelling piece to view and enjoy.


Bodyscapes: Allan Teger – what a series this is!  Allan Teger takes the human form and juxtaposes various posed pieces on it, uses exquisitely perfect and controlled lighting, and by using the shadows and shape of human anatomy as a springboard makes some really epic fine art.

Photography & Fads – this is an editorial piece discussing a personal viewpoint on photography fads.  Scott Bourne shares his thoughts on this concept, producing an article that is rather inspiring to read as an artist.

Getting Back on the Right Track – CJ Schmit shares some truly insightful thoughts and observations about being a photographer with an eye towards going pro.  His eloquently phrased blog post really does a great job in expressing the challenges and feelings one has as a photographer, and helps to put priorities in perspective for everyone.

Kitesurfing at Clover Point Park – Benjamin Madison takes us oceanside today in this post of a video created in my hometown here, Victoria, BC.  Kitesurfing has really become quite popular over the past few years, and this short video is a great feature of this sport as captured on the west coast of Canada.

10 Steps that Lead to the 1st Place in a Photography Competition – a great article that touches on many of the key issues involved in submitting and participating in photography contests.  This highly rewarding activity can result in much broader exposure to your work as well as the ability to add this feat to your resume!

Sony Reportedly Working on a Full Frame Square Sensor Camera – if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year…

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