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How To Reduce Noise In Astrophotography


Astrophotography is capturing photographs of the night sky with astronomical objects in them, capturing celestial events and also capturing images of deep space objects. Since astrophotography is most of the time done at relatively high iso, there can be some sort of noise that will need to be reduced or eliminated either while photographing or when post-processing or both. In this article, we will look at how to reduce noise in astrophotography.

Backlighting Techniques To Step Up Your Photography Game

Understanding Light

I’m sure you’ve seen many beautiful cinematic shots with backlighting on social media and elsewhere. They are powerful, magical, romantic, and if done well, pretty mysterious and artistic. Backlighting is a common term in photography with an obvious meaning. To put it simply, it’s a type of lighting coming from behind the subject. This is […]

Returning To Drone Photography. What’s Changed?

Photography Opinion Pieces

How about returning to drone photography? Many of you that have been around the hallowed halls of Light Stalking for a while, will remember that I enjoy drone photography. Indeed, I have written reviews about the drones I have bought and my experiences in becoming a CAA qualified commercial drone pilot. Like many people, I […]

4 Things Photographers Can Learn From Self-Portraits

Portrait Photography

Self-portraits are by no means a recent invention — painters have been doing them for centuries and it didn’t take photographers long after the invention of the camera to start immortalizing themselves in photo form. In more recent times (the social media era, specifically), the self-portrait has sort of morphed into the more colloquially recognizable […]