Here Is A Detailed Review Of The Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Creating good photographs go a long way, more than composition, light, settings, techniques, etc., because the resulting output image is post processed and exported using a computer with a monitor. If the colour calibration is not right in the monitor, then the output will not be accurate, which means, the real and accurate colours will not be reproduced when sharing or printing the images.

It takes a lot to get a perfect shot and a wrongly calibrated monitor should not be a barrier in producing an exceptionally great output image with the correct colours. We will take a look at a detailed review of the Datacolor SpyderX Pro, how it can be used to calibrate monitors and its pros and cons.

Canadian Official Labels Clearview AI’s Facial Recognition App Illegal Due to Unauthorized “Scraping” of Billions of Images for Its Biometric Database

We’ve got another app stealing data without consent and it also happens to be building a database for use in its facial recognition technology. It’s deja vu all over again here in the news column but this isn’t Paravision AI, but another one by the name of Clearview AI. And the Canadian government just ruled […]