Intel Eliminating Some of Its Artificial Intelligence Ambitions in a RealSense

Intel might be doubling down on its core business and jettisoning its AI-based camera ambitions in the process. Specifically, the company is closing its RealSense artificial intelligence-powered cameras that, among other things, were used for the development of facial recognition technology. In a statement to CRN confirming the closure, Intel said it would meet current […]

This Backpack Uses Artificial Intelligence and Cameras to Help Visually Impaired People Navigate the World

You know how much we love showing off the latest in cutting-edge camera technology, and today’s article is no exception. In fact, this development could prove world-changing for some people – and in quite a literal sense. Artificial intelligence (AI) developer Jagadish K. Mahendran and his team have developed a backpack containing cameras powered by […]