21 Portraits Of Wildlife That Capture Their Personality

Portrait photography is a genre that captures the personality of a person or a group of people where the main focus is the face and its expressions. Like humans, animals also have their own personalities and unique expressions. As a result a lot of photographers try to capture their images up close to portray their characteristics. Here are 21 portraits of wildlife that captures their personality.

13 Tutorials On Different Lighting Techniques For Portrait Photography

Great portraits are a result of using light in the best way possible to get the desired results. To capture flattering portraits, the photographer needs to have a good understanding of light and lighting techniques for portraits. Natural light and artificial light can be used for portraits and artificial light used in a studio can be manipulated in many ways to create different types of lighting techniques that will help with different resulting effects in portraits and in this article we share 13 tutorials on different lighting and lighting techniques for portrait photography.