Photographing Lava, Stars, Landscape and Wildlife at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

When the lava is flowing into the ocean, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a sight to behold and when it’s not quite reaching the water, it’s still equally grand. While the red hot lava is unarguably one of the main draws to the park, there are plenty of other sights to be photographed. From the expansive landscapes to endangered wildlife there’s enough to keep you shooting all day and well into the night.

More Cameras on the Way from GoPro

GoPro wants to bring more cameras to market and, for those of you with long memories, this might seem like deja vu all over again. Except for this time, it is going to be different, The Verge reports, with the company eschewing their former tradition of “good/better/best” gradient for camera products that the company said […]