A New Foldable Drone Is Coming July 1


The race to have the hottest tech in the drone market just got a little hotter with the release of Parrot’s Anafi unit.

A foldable 4K, HDR-capable drone, the Anafi from French drone manufacturer Parrot is a direct response to industry titan DJI’s Mavic Air, one of the best-selling and most popular units on the drone market today.

In fact, the Anafi is not only gunning for the DJI Mavic Air’s market position, but also is somewhat inspired by the Chinese drone manufacturer’s award winning drone design.

Image via Parrot.

The Anafi’s foldable design is almost identical to the Mavic Air and, with a low weight, the unit promises a level of versatility only seen in its rival. Sporting a 21-megapixel camera on a 180-degree tilt gimbal, the Anafi is capable of capturing 4K HDR video at 30 frames per second or 1080p HDR video at 60 frames per second with two axis optical stabilization and software stabilization features acting as the virtual “third axis.”

In terms of battery life, the Anafi matches the DJI Mavic Air at 25 minutes in the air. Consumers, naturally, can buy more batteries for their unit, all of which can be recharged via USB-C. These extra batteries will cost $USD 99 a piece. With a 35 miles per hour top speed and a maximum range of 2.5 miles, the Parrot Anafi should prove more than capable for most consumer-grade applications.

The FreeFlight 6 app debuting alongside the Anafi compliments the physical controller. The app includes a bevy of useful features including “AI-based tracking, selfie capture, slow-mo capture, hyperlapse video and automated video modes for capturing landscapes” according to DP Review.

You can expect to see the Anafi on sale beginning July 1 for a price of $USD 699, representing a $100 savings over the competing DJI Mavic Air.

You can check out the new Parrot Anafi (and place a pre-order) here on Parrot's website.

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