Light Stalking is a site about beautiful photography.

We appreciate beautiful photography and our intent is to spread the word about the awesome photographers who produce it. We want to put great photographers in front of an audience so they get the recognition they deserve. We also try to impart a little knowledge about the techniques behind the art. Most importantly, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and endeavor to keep this whole project fun.

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Who Are We?

Editor – Rob Wood – Rob was given his first camera (the awesome and powerful Kodak Instamatic of the late 70s) at the age of 5. He still hasn't quite mastered it. When he isn't tinkering on the internet updating Light Stalking he can often be found on his unending quest for the perfect landscape shot. Rob started Light Stalking simply because he loves writing and photography. Now things are getting out of hand. As you can see, the mysteries of how to align images on a website still elude him. You can email him at info (@) lightstalking.com

Ritesh SainiRitesh Saini – Ritesh started photographing about four years back and his photographic interests have varied from nature and landscapes to street photography. He can look at photographs for hours, and enjoys retouching photos in Photoshop. Loves listening to Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody being his favorite song. You can see his photography on Flickr.

Jason D Little – Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), part time writer, and full time lover of music. You can see Jason’s photography on his photography blog or on Flickr.

Jason Row –Having started his photographic journey with an old Soviet camera Jason then spent the next 20 years traveling the world. His collection of travel images have been published worldwide in magazines, books and oddly on towels made by a Turkish textile company. Almost content with the 145 countries visited he has now settled down in the former Soviet Union in the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. You can see some his work at the Odessa Files, read his blog chronicling the adventures of an expat in the former Soviet union and follow him on Facebook. He also Tweets from time to time.

Kent DuFault – Kent is a professional studio photographer and writer who also contributes to Photzy as a guide writer. You can find him online at his website or on Twitter.

Mike Panic – From his own mouth: “I enjoy working with like-minded individuals who are creative and think for themselves, who bring ideas and concepts to the table and are willing to go the extra mile to create something amazing.  Writing has allowed me to share my passion and experience with others.  My photography portfolio is at www.mikepanic.com, I also have a random photo-blog at www.crispyhundos.com.  Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Jacob Maentz – Jacob is a freelance travel, culture and documentary photographer currently based in the Philippines. His passion lies in creating images that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness in unique, challenging situations. You can visit his website here or follow him on Facebook, Twitter or G+.

Tiffany Mueller – In 2008, Tiffany made the decision to take a break from a successful career as a horse trainer to focus on her creative ambitions. She began working as a professional music photographer and has recently switched her focus to fine art and still photography. Her work has been published in various publications including magazines, art journals, as well as a book. She has been fortunate enough to have been in perpetual state of travel since her youth and is currently working on a 50-states project. You can also keep up with Tiffany via Twitter or on her personal blog.

sheen watkins 73x73Sheen Watkins – Sheen Watkins is a bird and nature wildlife photographer from Birmingham, Michigan. A long term passion for birding collided with photography when she was surprised with a camera as a gift a couple of years ago.  She shares running, cycling, birding and traveling with her husband and her two dogs. Each time she is in the field, there's a renewed sense of appreciation for the perfectly imperfect beauty that surrounds us. For Sheen, nature photography always presents a fun challenge. Those precious little birds whether in the wild or at the feeders, they don't politely pose for the photographer. It's a game of catch me if you can. Her photography can found on Facebook and her website. She also has a travel and photography blog.

Business Staff

Partnerships Manager – Brett Fox – Brett manages a lot of our advertising and business development here at Light Stalking and is also responsible for our sister-site – Photzy.com. When he's not busy working Light Stalking, he can be found playing guitar. Hit him up on Twitter.

Editorial Producer – Angie Morton takes care of bringing our books and guides to fruition by working with our awesome photographers. When she doesn't have her nose in a new Light Stalking guide, you can find her on G+ or Twitter.

Social Media Mogul – Kevin Lippy – Kevin Lippy takes care of Light Stalking's social media strategy. When he's not busy on Light Stalking's Facebook or Twitter pages, you can find him at his own Twitter.

russell-headshot-square-sRussell Goodman – Russell is a self-taught photographer and yogi who loves travel and capturing life as it unfolds. After living in the far east for a few years and some long term travel, this ignited his true passion for photography. Lifestyle, Street, Food, and Event Photography are areas he enjoys most.
On Lightstalking, he's responsible for content editing and general support. Find his photography and interests on his Blog or Flickr

DSC_0377-sDahlia is a physicist and self taught photographer with a passion for travel, photography and technology. She can sometimes get obsessed trying new photography techniques and post processing styles using Lightroom or Plugins in Photoshop. She occasionally writes articles on topics that interest or provoke her. You can check out her photography on Instagram, 500px and Flickr

What Else?

You can also catch us all around in the internet. Here are a few of the places we like to hang out:

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Feel free to drop us a line below at info at lightstalking.com

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