60 Field Photography Assignments

By Rob Wood (Admin) / November 26, 2018

One of the difficult things I find about self-learning a topic is that it is often difficult to progress from one lesson to the next in a logical manner – especially when you don't know enough of the topic to have a broad, generalized overview of it.

And especially when you're trying to learn by practical application.

And while you can probably muddle your way through smaller topics, something as broad as photography… well, there are a lot of rabbit holes to run down and some of them get pretty deep and confusing.

A bit of guidance… an idea of what to do next… well, that would be nice.

Something to push you to that next step in the learning journey…

With that in mind, Brett and Kent over at Photzy developed exactly that with their Action Cards Stretch Goals set of downloadable and printable photography cards.

This set of cards gives you 60 specific and achievable assignments with associated notes that you can take out shooting with you.

This means you will never be at a loss for what to do next.

As the name suggests, the cards are designed to stretch you – to make you work – to make you learn by doing.

These Action Cards discuss a photographic topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photographic assignments.

And as you can see, they are quite useful:

And, this being Cyber Monday, they are on special for over 70% off.

So take a look at the whole list and see if it is something that you could use in the field for your own learning journey.

Take a look here.


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