Fine Art Abstract Aerial Photographs: An Amazing Bird’s Eye View Of South Africa By Zack Seckler


Aerial Photography is taking photographs of the earth's landscape or the landscape of other heavenly objects from an aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon, satellites, spacecraft or any flying object.

There are 2 ways in which they are taken:

  1. They are taken handheld by the photographer or
  2. They are remotely triggered by mounting cameras on to machines which could be on satellites or drones.

Aerial photography lets us see the world from a different vantage point that we would otherwise be not able to see from ground level.

Aerial Abstracts By Zack Seckler

Gemsbok Herd, Image by Zack Seckler

Zack Seckler is a Boston born photographer living in the suburbs of New York City. He studied psychology at the Syracuse University. Zack began his career as a photojournalist but later found that his passion was creating images from scratch, where he incorporates style and humor.

Zack also makes fine art aerial images and his abstract, minimalist photographs offer an extraordinary perspective of our planet’s most remote locations.

The images here were taken by Zack from the passenger seat of a light-sport aircraft.  Zack took to the skies above South Africa to capture stunning aerial views of land, sea, and wildlife.

Here is an amazing selection for your enjoyment.

Springbok Five, Image by Zack Seckler

Zack states: “I liken it to being over a giant canvas and being able to create brushstrokes. . .” He continues: “From elevations between 50 and 500 feet, the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognizable and being more abstract. That’s what really draws me in—the line between reality and abstraction.”

Alexandria I, Image by Zack Seckler
Eastern Cape Bull, Image by Zack Seckler
Flamingo Skim, Image by Zack Seckler
North West Pan I, Image by Zack Seckler
Springbok Tracks, Image by Zack Seckler
Sundays River Meet, Image by Zack Seckler
Wild Coast Flock, Image by Zack Seckler
Wild Coast Herd, Image by Zack Seckler
Wild Coast III, Image by Zack Seckler
Wild Coast Turtle, Image by Zack Seckler
Wild Coast Wave, Image by Zack Seckler
Wildebeest Wander, Image by Zack Seckler

More images from this series can be seen on this page and here is the BTS for the images above:

Zack's wonderful photographs are regularly exhibited and his images have been awarded regularly since 2007.

Zack also works for clients, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Starbucks, New York Magazine, etc. and his list of awards, exhibitions, and clients can be seen here.

If you like Zack's work and would like to see more of them, you can follow him on social media or look up his work on his website below.

  1. Zack's Website
  2. Zack's Facebook Page
  3. Zack on Instagram
  4. Zack's Twitter Feed

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