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Did Affinity Just Confirm That They Are Working on a Lightroom Competitor? Sure, but…

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In a Tweet that has created a lot of excitement and has led to some wild speculation online, Affinity just confirmed on Twitter that they are developing a “Digital Asset Manager” – potentially (in its very broadest sense) a competitor to Adobe Lightroom. But let's back up a bit.

Now, while it's great that Affinity are working on a DAM, it might be time to calm down and take this Tweet in context. Affinity has been working on such software for quite a while now – here is a post on their forums from October, 2015 confirming such plans.
Here is another where a moderator of their forums says that they don't expect the DAM to be out in 2017 (even though they also say they didn't have access to the specific timings of the project).
This isn't something new and while we're sure it will be great when it arrives, it doesn't seem like that date will necessarily be soon.
And while it's easy for folks who want a true alternative to Adobe Lightroom (their price change a while back got a lot of folks upset), it should be remembered that Lightroom is a very complicated piece of software that has evolved over years and has thousands of existing customers (ie. testers). That is not an easy thing to replicate and the reality is that even a well-established company would have trouble emulating the utility of such a program – especially in the beginning. It would be difficult to see a true competitor being able to emerge overnight.
This is one of those cases where a Tweet combined with a bit of excitement may have caused things to become a little bit carried away.
Be excited, sure. Just keep things in context.

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