Alex Scotts’s Photos of Los Angeles Without Cars are A Little Bit Freaky


There's one experience in major American cities that you are almost guaranteed to have – a nice, long wait in traffic. Los Angeles's highways are no different. That's why Alex Scott's pictures of LA's highways at night are so bizarre; there aren't any cars! One can almost hear the silence.

Alex has spent a little over two years roaming LA's busiest freeways at night to accumulate a collection of car-less images. He hopes to combine these images to make a book to inspire love for the city by showcasing its beauty.

You can contribute to his Kickstarter fundraiser to see his book come to life here. Visit Alex's website here. Check out Alex saving an adorable kitten off a freeway in the middle of the night here.


Photo by Alex Scott


Photo by Alex Scott a-16

Photo by Alex Scott a-14

Photo by Alex Scott a-15

Photo by Alex Scott a-13

Photo by Alex Scott a-11

Photo by Alex Scott a-12Photo by Alex Scott a-10Photo by Alex Scott a-8Photo by Alex Scott a-9Photo by Alex Scott a-7Photo by Alex Scott a-5Photo by Alex Scott a-6Photo by Alex Scott a-4Photo by Alex Scott a-1Photo by Alex Scott a-2Photo by Alex Scott a-3Photo by Alex Scott Alex shooting 1Photo by Alex Scott

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