All of the Awesome Camera Features Coming to iOS 15 This Fall


One of the biggest changes consumers were expecting this fall isn’t coming after all.

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Now that that’s out of the way, what can we expect from iOS 15 this fall when it comes to making use of the iPhone’s cameras?

First, FaceTime is going to become a multipurpose video-conferencing app that lets you screen share and even share what you’re watching on Apple TV. Aside from being able to watch and listen to movies and music with a friend or family member this also opens up a range of collaborative options.

We can see the screen share feature being really useful for productivity and even collaborative creative tasks. Apple touted spatial audio features that help you pinpoint where the sound is coming from if you are viewing multiple streams which should do a lot to cut down on the noise that can occur when you add more than two people to a video conference.

A huge leap forward towards making FaceTime the go-to app for this kind of thing is that iOS 15 will allow Apple owners to contact Android and Windows users which breaks down the walled-garden approach Cupertino has favored up until now.

Another camera update that we find really interesting is the “Live Text” feature.

This basically turns your camera into an interpretive lens that can capture the data from a sign or even translate foreign languages on the fly. Not only is this really intuitive but it is also potentially very useful especially when it comes to capturing data and information at a snap. Complementary to this is the “Visual Look Up” feature in iOS 15 that utilizes photographs and the camera to “search” the world around you.

One example offered in Apple’s preview is a picture of lavender that is then followed up with a text telling the user more about lavender. The company envisions incorporating this with real-world landmarks, among other things, to give users a more in-depth view of the world around them. iOS 15 will also extend spotlight search to use text to help you scan through your vast photo library.

To check some of the other features Apple is bringing with iOS 15, click here.

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