Amazon Buyer Orders a $6k Canon 1DX Mark II Camera, Gets a Box of Rocks


Shopping online can be fraught with hazards as this tale of woe from a recent Amazon buyer will testify.

It always helps to check the fine print on some Internet deals, especially when dealing with marketplace buyers and sellers.

Some websites, like Amazon, make it really hard for consumers to distinguish between Amazon direct and a third-party buyer, sometimes leading to rare situations in which buyers unknowingly purchase fraudulent product from an online seller listed on their trusted website. That isn’t the case here, but the jury is still out on it all.

Sometimes buyers receive a fake product instead of the genuine article, other times it arrives damaged or in less-than-acceptable condition. And then on some occasions it doesn’t arrive at all. Instead, what you get is a box of bricks and the beginnings of a mystery.

Image via Canon USA.

YouTube personality Chaseontwowheels recently posted such a story to his channel, detailing the saga he endured when attempting to get his Canon 1DX Mark II camera that he ordered from Amazon.

What makes this case so interesting is that, in the video unboxing of the initial shipment, he opens the package to reveal a trove of rocks. After complaining to Amazon, he received a follow up package but this time filled with bricks. An important aspect of this whole ordeal is that the YouTuber claims he ordered it directly from Amazon themselves, not an Amazon third-party seller. What’s happening to Chaseontwowheels’ cameras?

While initially Amazon was right on top of it in the first instance, in the second instance they told Chaseontwowheels that it would require two to three weeks investigation before they could send him his camera.

Many people on the Internet suspected a third-party scam but this concern is apparently moot as the YouTube personality has reiterated that he purchased it direct from Amazon, leaving everyone scratching their heads as to what could have happened to the pricey gear.

Time will reveal the underlying mystery lurking beneath all of this but in the meantime it helps to remember the Latin aphorism caveat emptor – buyer beware, even on one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites.

You can view Chaseontwowheels first video here:

And his second video here.

Image via Canon USA.

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