Amazon Wants to Use a Webcam to Let People Inside Your Home – to Deliver Your Stuff Of Course!


Amazon, the do-it-all Acme service of the 2010’s, has introduced a radical new home-delivery concept they are calling Amazon Key.

Amazon Key is part of Amazon’s VIP customer program, Amazon Prime, and will let Prime subscribers get their goods delivered directly inside of their home, along with a host of other functions such as granting access to a range of other people “like your family, friends, dog walker, or house cleaner.”

For photography afficionados, the risks of having expensive equipment delivered directly to your home address make life difficult, especially if you live in an area where delivery services are limited to begin.

Amazon touts Amazon Key as a way to remove the security problems associated with leaving keys “under the mat” or through some other easily defeatable analog means.

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The starter kit is $249.99 and is only going to be available in select delivery areas to start.

How do this futuristic padlock work? Every Amazon Key product kit comes with an Amazon Cloud Cam, Amazon’s indoor security camera, and a compatible smart lock for your front door that is connected to your account.

Amazon even offers free installation of this crazy vid-lock system if you choose purchase it. Customers can also elect to install the system themselves.

Using the service after installation involves selecting the “Free In-Home Delivery” option at checkout. A delivery driver with your item will be sent and will knock on your door prior to using the Amazon Key system.

Once used, the camera activates and the door unlocks. The Amazon Prime customer is then notified their package has arrived.

Customers can watch the delivery in progress or choose to watch a recording of the delivery later.

Users can also block access at any time up until the delivery at which point the package will be delivered through standard means.

Amazon Key launches in 38 cities in the United States on November 8, 2017.

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