Another Instagrammer Jailed for Scaling the Pyramids


Doing it for the ‘gram is a trend that has died out a little bit but not quite.

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Photo by David McEachan from Pexels.

The desire on the part of some social media users for celebrity is a thirst that will likely never be quenched – unless people stop rewarding them for their bad behavior.

In that spirit, we’re not going to tell you the specific creator behind this story but we will tell you the story nonetheless and you can follow our reference link below and do more research if you care to do that.

Like many stories in this vein that we cover, narcissism and stupidity combined to land one Instagram/YouTube personality in jail in Egypt. Posting that it was an experience unlike any he had ever been through before, the Instagram star then said he was doing all of this to bring attention to a worthy cause.

Ah, people thought, what could this cause be? Many guessed that the cause this person was trying to bring attention to was himself, and those people might still be correct.

You see, this Instagrammer who went to jail in Egypt after climbing the pyramid to shout out to the world about something we needed to hear about…was doing all of this to bring awareness to the catastrophic fires in Australia.

See why we didn’t include this person’s identifying information?

To break the law in Egypt is, for most of us, mildly noteworthy but likely changes nothing for many of us.

But to mask it all in the guise of helping bring awareness to an issue that has gripped world media for weeks is just so disingenuously gross that it ticks off all of the wrong stereotypes that people often associate with “Instagram celebrities.” If this person even merits that level of description.

What do you think? How harsh should Egyptian authorities be in cracking down on this kind of thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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