Apple Air Tags Save the Day in Recovery of $10k in Stolen Photography Equipment


If you’ve ever had anything lost or, worse yet, stolen then you know what a situation that can be – especially if you depend on your gear to help you make a living.

black dslr camera on brown wooden table
Black dslr camera on brown wooden table. Photo by Alejandro Luengo

And it isn’t like we don’t cover stories of thefts all the time, some of them even really violent, because, let’s face it, photography equipment and the electronics associated with it are easy targets in a world where anything can be bought and sold online or via an app within hours.

Finding solutions to this issue is almost as old as time itself, but one photographer recovered a lot of his equipment because he attached Apple AirTags to it. $AUD 10,000 to be exact which is no small amount of change and it’s all thanks to photographer Graham Tait’s purchase of AirTags.

Tait lost his gear and even his own wallet while on vacation and, using the device’s “Find My” feature, he soon found out that his stuff was indeed stolen but it was recovered in its entirety. The thief, meanwhile, was also apprehended and will face charges for the thefts. All in all, it’s a real tale of tragedy averted and it speaks to the robust nature of AirTag-like devices in, if not deterring theft, at least helping in recovery.

Do you own Apple Air Tags or anything similar? Does this story make you want to consider picking some up to help protect your gear in case of loss or theft? Let us know in the comments.

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