Apple Could Kick Intel to the Curb This Month at WWDC


Apple has a penchant for the drama and it looks like it is delivering at this year’s WWDC.

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Though this move has long circulated through the rumor mill, it looks like the Cupertino firm is finally ready to pull the trigger on its move to making its own chips for its computers. That would mean ditching long-time partner Intel. What any of this means for Mac users is another thing entirely but, for those of you with long memories, it could be as monumental as the switch from the Power PC era to the Intel dynasty that seems now to be drawing to a close.

Another thing that is underscoring these rumors as being more than just whispers is the fact that Bloomberg is reporting the news as if it is one of the many things expected at this year’s conference. Apple is reportedly showing off next-generation everything and among those moves will be the switch from Intel to its own ARM-based chips.

As for why the company would want to do this, Apple is reportedly not happy with Intel’s performance compared to its competitors. In the quest for ever more slimmed-down computers and products, Apple wants to pursue something of its own making.

PetaPixel also highlights that this would mean the computers would be more powerful and capable of very high powered graphics compared to what the company is currently pulling out of its Intel CPUs.

No word yet on whether or not Apple will discuss “synthetic group selfies” at WWDC.

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