Apple Just Released These Short iPhone X Photography Skills Videos and They’re Pretty Damn Awesome


One of the largest segments of photography are those photographers that make use of a smartphone. Easily the most ubiquitous photo capturing device out there on the market, smartphones have displaced most low-end digital cameras in terms of popularity.

But taking photos well with a smartphone might not use the exact same skill set as those with a camera.

For one thing, there’s the whole social media aspect of photography on a smartphone to keep in mind, as well as a bevy of apps that do everything from remove red eye to place a myriad of filters on your capture.

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If there’s one thing Apple’s top-of-the-line powerhouse phone does well it is take photos.

And, if you’re like me, you might have wondered how you can best take full advantage of the iPhone X’s capabilities.

After all, even if you bought it knowing it is the latest and the greatest, you probably don’t know everything it can do.

That’s where these awesome video tutorials from Apple step in to the scene.

Loaded up to YouTube on a range of topics like shooting with a backlight to slo-mo video, these tutorials feature Apple’s sleek production and are chock full of quick information on how to take your iPhone photos to the next level.

In terms of photography, the iPhone X is an impressive bit of kit, coming loaded with a slew of upgrades that give you more control over what you shoot.

The tutorial on using a backlight with the iPhone X:

The tutorial on shooting slo-mo with the iPhone X:

The tutorial on using burst mode on the iPhone X:

The tutorial on shooting with pano on the iPhone X:

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