Apple Macbook Pro (With Touchbar) Reviewed by a Photographer


As a photographer who is in the market for a new laptop and who would normally simply go with the latest Macbook Pro, Apple's recent Macbook Pro release and the storm of controversy it has created, has really muddied the waters for me. Add to that the fact that it is practically impossible to find a level headed review online and it has lead to me delaying my purchase until I get my head around what is actually happening with the Pro and if there are any viable alternatives.

On top of that I HATE this type of research – I would much rather be out shooting than in front of a screen reading geeks and fanboys abusing each other and trying to make sense of it.

And for those reasons, when I finally found this balanced review from somebody with a photographer's eye, I had to share it. Now Jaron Schneider (his twitter) is also the editor in chief of the excellent Resource Magazine, but his Youtube channel is new so make sure you go over and subscribe.

The review seems fair, balanced and gives a nod to photographer who might be looking at this piece of kit.

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