Apple Planning to Release “Pro” Grade Mac Mini


Mac Pros are anything but cheap.

mac mini beside black computer keyboard
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And iMacs don’t fit the bill for everyone out there.

Mac Minis can be perfect but also a bit too underpowered for some users.

Enter the Mac Studio: A rumored “pro” version of the vaunted Mac Mini that is coming out from Apple and soon.

The only question we have is “why did it take this long?”

The new variant on the Mac Mini will apparently use the company’s M1 Max chip with the website 9 to 5 Mac theorizing that this rumored pro version of the Mac Mini is actually what was described in a Bloomberg report from Mark Gurman who wrote that the mini pro would come “equipped with 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores.”

Of course, we’ll know a whole lot more about all of this once Apple has their big show on March 8. But still, this rumor not only makes sense, it kind of has us eager to see what Cupertino has in store for us.

Some other products on the slate for the big March 8 fete include a low-cost iPhone 5G SE and a new iPad Air. Yahoo Finance notes that the latter product line experienced significant difficulties during the global chip shortage and that is likely to continue through 2023 as we have reported on numerous occasions. One big thing that isn’t going to be at the March 8 event but that Yahoo Finance reminded us about is Apple’s big push into AR/VR with its own headset. We’re expecting to get more details about that later this year.

Does a Mac Studio appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s plan to release a Mac Studio in the comments below.

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