Apple Unveils Vision Pro Augmented Reality Headset


It looks like the company from Cupertino has done it again as Apple has officially unveiled its new augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro.

man in black crew neck shirt wearing black headphones
Man in black crew neck shirt wearing black VR headset. Photo by Minh Pham

Although this product has long been expected from the company, the official reveal seems to have allayed many concerns that Apple may be straying into a realm in which it doesn't have quite the experience that it has in others such as smartphones.

Then again, that’s forgetting that the company basically kicked off the smartphone revolution and somewhat dominates the wearables category with its Watch. In other words, Apple tends to move into new markets with a swiftness and confidence that few others possess so there’s a lot of reason to take this new foray seriously.

And when you consider all of the purported features it claims to offer, it really looks like a potent product indeed.

Offering an immersion in the digital while in the physical world, it looks like it is part iPhone screen, tablet, television set, and even elements of the iMac and Watch. Tim Cook touted the product as the first one from Apple that you “look through” rather than “look at” and there’s truth to this in more ways than one. As with other products we have talked about in this category, it utilizes front-facing cameras and sensors as well as a proprietary technology called EyeSight, TechCrunch reports.

Aimed at changing how people use computers and claiming to be no less than a revolution in computing, the headset’s combination of multiple features from other pricey devices could make it a must-have for techies and others alike. For example, it offers immersive video with audio capabilities for gaming, among other things. While there’s no doubt that the device will be a showpiece for those on the bleeding edge of tech in the beginning, the possibility that it could become a new category unto itself like the iPhone has to have investors and consumers salivating.

You can read up on the product over at Tech Crunch at this link and we’ll update you with more details as they become available.

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