Apple’s Next M-Chip Enters Mass Production at TSMC


Apple’s move to make its own chips made a lot of sense from a business standpoint and, so far, the results are pretty good as far as the market is concerned.

Photo by M1 Chip from Apple.

While the M1 chip-based products were just released five months or so ago, that’s pretty much forever in that world so, naturally, we’ve got the next-generation M-series chips on the way to replace the first iteration.

This shouldn’t be surprising given Apple’s aggressive schedule for switching over from Intel to their own chips. The company estimated it would take two years to shift the whole line over.

In fact, DPReview is reporting that the second generation has already entered production at Apple’s manufacturing partner, TSMC. The story underpinning this report comes from Nikkei Asia and claims the first shipments of these chips could start in July that would be used to make products moved into the retail channel later this year.

It is also being theorized that Cupertino is deploying its second-generation M-series chips to power its “Pro” line of laptops and desktop computers. Thinking along these lines points to the possibility that the first-gen set just isn’t powerful enough to generate the kinds of performance consumers and Apple likely expects from their top-of-the-line products.

Given the rapid-fire pace of development that the M-series, we could probably expect the third generation to start making appearances as rumors or whispers as early as this fall or late summer.

Do you own an Apple computer with its own chips? What is your experience with Apple’s M1 chip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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