21 Delightful Photos Of Apples


Apples can be a wonderful subject for your photography! They come in various colors and sizes, and they can look pretty bold once they turn bruised or wrinkled. You can photograph just one apple or arrange many of them and create a compelling composition. You can even use them in abstract photography – you don't have to stick to still life shots.

Check out the following 21 images that use apples in a creative way! To learn more about compositional tricks you can use to improve your mirror photographs, download this super useful e-book on Advanced Composition.

apples pink background
Photo by Estudio Bloom
green and red apples
Photo by James Yarema
red apples in a basket
Photo by Vera De
pinkish red apples
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup
apples in a garden
Photo by Liana Mikah
yellow apples
Photo by Alexandr Dzyuba
Photo by Bao Nguyen
wrinkled red apple
Photo by Corina Rainer
apple and coffee
Photo by Barna Kovacs
rustic plate with a fruit
Photo by Benjamin Wong
rotting apple
Photo by Giuseppe Cuzzocrea

To learn more about compositional techniques in photography and improve your way to shoot apples, download this e-book on Advanced Composition.

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gorgeous still life setup
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez
apple and juice
Photo by Katrin Hauf
still life dark background
Photo by Rae Wallis
fruits and knife
Photo by Debbie Hudson
autumn backyard
Photo by Pelle Martin
red apple closeup
Photo by Annie Spratt
apple negative space
Photo by Chandra Oh
fruits on the blue background
Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella
fruits on the table
Photo by Martin Bargl
romantic shot with fruits and book
Photo by Liana Mikah

Check out our Advanced Composition e-book for more information on various compositional tricks. This 239-page easy-to-follow practical guide is packed with training assignments!

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