Architectural Photography: 10 Unconventional Eiffel Tower Photos


Getting an original perspective of the Eiffel Tower is something that is easier said that done. It's one of the most photographed structures in the world and almost everyone who has been to Paris has a photo of the Eiffel tower kicking around somewhere.

That's why it's so impressive when you come across Unconventional Eiffel Tower Photos that add a huge element of originality to their composition. We thought we were going to have a difficult time finding original perspectives on this over promoted monument, but some of these photos really rock.

We think they're a great selection of how architectural photography can be original and exciting. If you like this selection of photos and you're interested in architectural photography, check out the list of tutorials at the end of this post.

low angle photo of Eiffel Tower, Paris
Photo by Chris Coudron
low angle photography of Eiffel Tower
Photo by Will B
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Photo by George Zvanelli
people standing while watching Eiffel tower
Photo by Sladjana Karvounis
Eiffel Tower, Paris photo
Photo by Tom King
low-angle photo of Eiffel tower during daytime
Photo by 42 North
aerial view photography of Eiffel Tower
Photo by Chris Karidis
birds eye photography of Eiffel Tower
Photo by Chris Karidis
brown tower under white sky
Photo by Nicolas Lafargue
low angle photo of grey and brown metal tower
Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe

These Eiffel Tower photos just go to show that it is more than possible to lend a new and creative eye to even the most over-done subjects in the world. With a little original thought your architectural photographic composition can be creative and appealing.

Here are some photographic composition tutorials to get you started:

And here are some composition articles specifically on architectural photography.

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Wow. I like the one with the fog around it.

By the way–photographing it from the top down can also be interesting:

@Ilan – Yeah, I was pretty impressed with the originality in what is really an overdone topic. Top marks for creative photos in my book!

@ Mads I – That’s a great shot in that link. I didn’t actually come across any from that angle in my photo search on Flickr. Thanks for linking it!

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