Astronaut Pays Tribute to Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19 with Awesome Space Picture


The novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China last year is starting to not only take a toll on healthcare systems and economies around the world, but it is also starting to really weigh on some of us emotionally.

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Photo by Jay Mantri from Pexels.

After all, much of the world is locked down. Even so, NASA astronaut and fellow doctor Andrew Morgan took time this past National Doctors’ Day to show the frontline workers down on Earth just how much their contribution matters to us all right now.

And he did it with an epic selfie that captures a stunning view of the blue marble below. How’s that for perspective in these trying times?

He wrote in a tweet, “As a medical doctor looking back on our planet on #NationalDoctorsDay, I think of the healthcare professionals & volunteers that are risking their lives in this crisis. We're at our best when we help each other. I'm in awe of your selfless service. Thank you from @Space_Station.”

You can check out the picture by clicking this link here and heading on over to Twitter.

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