Athletic Endeavours, Energetic Doggo and Bluetooth Transferring!


This week's challenge brought some nice memories to my mind and made me remember all the field lessons I learned while documenting Lucha Libre in my country. Somewhere between late 2018 and early 2019, Melissa and I had the sublime opportunity of getting closer to this sport.

Sunday at 18:00, a private parking lot was transformed into a space dedicated to Salvadoran wrestling. Fighters were divided between “rudos” and “técnicos”, and on special occasions, they joined forces to achieve a common goal. Lights went out, music started. Taxi drivers, market vendors and maquila workers disappeared; villains and heroes emerged. A proper catharsis for removing stress from anyone.

And then…

Copyright – Federico Alegría

During those weeks, I got two basic lessons about capturing athletic endeavours; and they both have to do with social stuff rather than photographic variability.

First and foremost, arrive early so you can get familiar with the environment and the lighting conditions around and within it. Second, be transparent about your intentions and communicate with those athletes and organizers before even turning your camera on.

As a documentary photographer, I've picked the tools that work best for me in terms of budget, quality, and inconspicuousness. My optical options are equivalent to 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm. However, from my experience, I can tell that having a monopod, a decent telephoto-zoom lens, and high-burst capabilities is a must for freezing action from afar.

Photo of the Week

This sharp portrait was first shared in the aforementioned challenge on athletic endeavors. And as we look closer, we get in touch with absolute athleticism. Vigour and fitness, all tightly packed in the body of a pup! Freezing such intense energy requires some acute visual skills! Kudos Patrick, and thanks for sharing such a lovely portrait with us!

Copyright – Patrick

Weekly Photography Challenge Digest

Thanks Tersha and Dahlia for pushing our creative boundaries one step forward every week!

Copyright – Kenneth Wong
Copyright – Kenneth Wong
Copyright – Pat Garrett
Copyright – Pat Garrett
Copyright – Kenneth Wong
Copyright – Kenneth Wong
Copyright – Patrick
Copyright – Richard Flapper
Copyright – Kenneth Wong
Copyright – Patrick
Copyright – Holly K

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A Highlight on the Latest Activity at our Community

Rob went imaginative and triggered a throw-down around Bluetooth photograph transferring from the camera without the hassle of stuffing around with SD cards. The conversation went sideways, and bumped into other mildly infuriating inconveniences like battery charging and similar. So, join in and vent your dislikes about current technology's limitations. He also asked about the community's interest in video.

Marty found a punk rocker of the insect world, and Rob collaborated with some digital polishing to bring out the details in the shadows:

Copyright – Marty E

I hope you’ll enjoy these shots of a monster insect I shot yesterday feasting on a Texas thistle taller than I was (at about 6′ high). Pretty scary looking, I love its punk haircut. Warding off predators? 😀 I’m currently waiting on a bug ID from the experts at

Daniel asked for some help on DOF, he thinks he knows how to fix it, but maybe you can share some further suggestions with us!

Copyright – Daniel Krueger

Patrick found an album cover on the wild:

Copyright – Patrick

Speaking of wild, Marty got a wayward self-portrait! Did you notice the hook?

Copyright – Marty E

And Tersha shared some nice web bokeh:

Copyright – Tersha

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