When To Use Vignetting In Photographs

Vignetting is one of those things that photographers either love or hate. While there is no right or wrong approach to this phenomenon, you should know what types of vignetting exist in photography and how to use them creatively. It’s well-known that vignettes can enhance sentimental feelings and evoke nostalgia in viewers, which makes them […]

You Can Make These 5 DIY Light Modifiers At Home

If you’re into portrait and product photography, you certainly need a couple of lighting modifiers in order to make the best out of your photo sessions. Various lighting modifiers are available on the market right now – some are cheap and some are rather expensive. While expensive lighting modifiers are usually well-made and more durable, […]

Freestyle Boudoir by Ed Verosky Reviewed

When you think of boudoir photography, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably those impeccable editorial images you can find in popular magazines. Such boudoir photographs usually require a lot of gear and many hours of post-production. However, you can take a different approach and learn to excel in so-called freestyle boudoir. […]