November In The Netherlands

November might not be the most popular time of year to visit the Netherlands, but if you like the colors of autumn you should consider visiting Dutch cities despite the cold and damp weather. In the Netherlands, the holiday season starts earlier than in the United States and the traditional arrival of Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa Claus!) in […]

3 Key Poses for Portrait Photography

Finding basic portrait photography poses that work for the majority of models can be quite challenging, especially if you’re not an experienced portraitist. However, the secrets of proper posing aren’t too complicated.  You should learn a couple of basic poses and then introduce a certain variety by changing the perspective or asking your models to […]

Camera Settings For Rain Photography

Rain photography can be demanding especially for photographers who aren’t used to shooting in inclement weather. You need to take into account low light, cloudy skies, unsaturated colors and of course lots of water and reflections! It’s tricky to find the right camera settings for such conditions. Check out the following tips and tricks on […]