The Pros and Cons of Using Vintage Lenses Today

It’s a fact that many of today’s photographers have used a vintage lens at some point in time. Not only is it a cheap alternative to a modern lens, it also presents a wonderful opportunity at learning photography fundamentals. But, is it really worth it? If you ask me, I think it’s totally worth it. I must say that this article is purely based on my experiences with vintage lenses, and I’m sure most of you will agree.

6 DIY Hacks That Will Enhance Your Photographs

There is always an easier way to get slightly better images – by buying new gear. However, not everybody can afford a $100 neutral density filter, for instance. That’s why many photographers will be happy to know that there are some cheap alternatives that are available to everyone. Here are a few do-it-yourself “hacks” that will inspire you to create some unique-looking images.

The 8 Immutable Laws of Sharp Portrait Photographs

In portrait photography, it’s not always easy to get the perfect shot. You need to get the right light, framing, angle, emotion, and sharpness. Sharpness is almost always one of the toughest to get right, and that is because it is affected by every other technical aspect of the photograph. Let’s look at how you can get those sharp portrait images – here are the 8 immutable laws on the topic.

Master the Art of Panning With These 9 Useful Tips

Panning is a technique where you pan your camera to follow the motion of your subject and render motion blur to the background but capture the subject sharp (see the example below). While it sounds quite easy, it often takes a little bit of practice to master. If you’ve been trying to do a good panning shot, but have found it a difficult challenge for you, the following tips should prove helpful.