27 Stunning Autumn Images


One of the fantastic things about Autumn is the incredible colors of the plants and trees that allow photographers to take some of the most stunning images in their collections.  The reds and the yellows just stand out beyond everything else but the Greens of the Browns also complement them.

Another huge bonus for photographers about autumn is the misty mornings which allow outdoor and landscape photography that has an incredibly ethereal feel to it.  Even if you're not an outdoor photographer you'll be tempted by the sheer gorgeous atmosphere of shooting in autumn.

Want to Enter Your Own Autumn Images in a Contest?

One of the things we love to do here at Light Stalking is put together photographic collections aimed at inspiring people around particular genres and topics.  this collection of 27 autumn photographs is designed to do exactly that and to get you outside with your camera the next time you see an opportunity like this.

Photos like this would make a great entry to our February 2024 photography competition here at Light Stalking with a $250 cash prize for first place.

If these types of images inspire you to dig deeper then why not enter?

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In the meantime, check out these 27 amazing examples of autumn pictures:

colorful leaves
Photo by Chris Lawton
copper branch
Photo by Simon Matzinger
drone autumn forest
Photo by Aaron Burden
red apple
Photo by Mploscar
autumn trees
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
autumn tree yellow
Photo by Andrew Preble
hazy autumn landscape
Photo by Samuel Ferrara
misty morning
Photo by Ewa Stepkowska
leaves yellow and copper
Photo by Davide Ragusa
mountain landscape
Photo by Nathan Anderson
autumn still life
Photo by Alisa Anton

As mentioned above , we have a perfect photography competition running for shots like these. Check it out here.

dark lake autumn
Photo by Saso Tusar
fallen leaves autumn
Photo by Dora Reis
reflection puddle forest
Photo by Costea Alexandra
hazy mountain landscape
Photo by Justin Luebke
yellow leaves
Photo by Hiroshi Minegishi
hazy golden landscape
Photo by Frances Gunn
pink skies lake
Photo by Artem Sapegin
fallen leaves
Photo by Gaetan Meyer
waterfall autumn
Photo by Patrick Hendry
yellow forest autumn
Photo by Hunter Bryant
hazy rock autumn
Photo by Sebastian Pichler
lake autumn leaves
Photo by Emre Kuzu
yellow reflection autumn
Photo by Vlad Chetan
dry flowers
Photo by Unsplash
dramatic autumn skies
Photo by James Cheney
autumn pumpkins
Photo by Maddy Baker

So hopefully that gives you a few pieces of photography that will really inspire your autumn shooting. If you would like to take this type of photography to the next level in your own shooting then don't forget to entering your own similar images in our Light Stalking competition. Click here.

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