The Breathtaking Colors of Autumn: 10 Photos


Autumn is a time when a lot of different photographers love to drag out the camera. The colors are spectacular and the subjects varied. With the end of the Northern Hemisphere's Autumn coming to an end in a couple of weeks, we thought we would explore some of the great shots that folks are coming up with.

Autumn Stream
Photo by Art G.
The Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap - autumn
Photo by joiseyshowaa
Autumn leaves
Photo by Dun.can
Move over, summer, autumn is here now [explored]
Photo by Matt Clark
Autumn in Ashland
Photo by Bev Sykes
Northeast Ohio Autumn 1
Photo by Andrew Morrell
Photo by Kamil Porembiński
Autumn Glow
Photo by Art G.
Herbst/Autumn in Hamburg
Photo by elbfoto
autumn's last stand
Photo by Troy McCullough

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Living in a place where there are no seasons I crave for some change in colour. Thanks for a pleasant look at another part of the spectrum.

What a beautiful area you live in!!

You’re photos are amazing, you seemed to have captured the beauty that surrounds you so well, great job!! And thanks for sharing!

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