34 Effective and Emotive Barbed Wire Photographs

Many subjects lend themselves to emotive photography and one of those subjects is definitely barbed wire. By choosing such a subject (and shooting it well) one can definitely evoke an emotional response in a photograph. We think these photographs have done exactly that.

the final Cut by Robb North, on Flickr

Walking Through Barbed Wire by TtoTheStreet, on Flickr

Barbed Wire (1) by James Whitesmith, on Flickr

Sentinel by James Jordan, on Flickr

fence by jenny downing, on Flickr

barb by jenny downing, on Flickr

amid the winter's snow by jenny downing, on Flickr

Barbed Bokeh by geezaweezer, on Flickr

Barbed wire keeping the mustard fields safe by tibchris, on Flickr

Danger, Keep Out! by Sabrina Campagna, on Flickr

across enemy lines by Sunday's child, on Flickr

Barbed wired over fog, Santa Cruz, California, USA by Wonderlane, on Flickr

Untitled by theilr, on Flickr

The Other Side is Butter by mendhak, on Flickr

lace curtains by jenny downing, on Flickr

Sand-man behind barbed wires by nathanael89, on Flickr

The Grass Is Always Greener by Dawn Endico, on Flickr

Barbed Wire (2) by James Whitesmith, on Flickr

Barbed wire in moonlight by Plutor, on Flickr

naked lunch by ex_magician, on Flickr

Barbwire (FREE WALLPAPER) by viZZZual.com, on Flickr

Après la pluie by Garuna bor-bor, on Flickr

A Little Tiny Bit of Badger by me'nthedogs, on Flickr

Meet Barb by James Jordan, on Flickr

Fence Sitter by TheGiantVermin, on Flickr

security blanket by iboy_daniel, on Flickr

England by spacepleb, on Flickr

Biny little tirds by Kyknoord, on Flickr

barbed wire roll by petercastleton, on Flickr

Untitled by ellyn., on Flickr


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