Going Beyond the Rule of Thirds

This is how to learn how to take your photographic composition skills from meh to wow.

"I know the basics rules of composition, but my photographs are still a bit flat..." 

Does that sound like you?

This guide will give you 9 specific advanced composition tactics that you can implement in your photography in a matter of minutes.

These are the types of composition techniques that make people look. That make people stop what they’re doing and get drawn into your work. That make people realise you have better skills in the craft than the average Joe. 

Mastering these composition techniques means you have entered a realm that 99% of people will never go with their photography.

Imagine this scenario… 

You go out to photograph your favourite subject. Maybe it’s your kids or grandkids. Maybe it’s your pet. 

You know the best shot you manage to bring home is better than you have produced before. You know the shot has advanced, but very good composition and production. 

You really nailed this one and you know it. 

Maybe you post the image up to Facebook in one of your groups. Or to Instagram.

What happens next is the really interesting part. 

You’re used to “nice shot” type comments. Polite, but dismissive. But that doesn’t happen this time.

The comments are different.

“Oh, you shoot children?”

“Hey, are you available to photograph my kids?”

The comments start to go from polite, but dismissive to interested and engaged.

It’s quite a feeling.

Grasping the information that this composition guide provides for you is a huge part of getting to that point in your photography. The point where you become the go-to photographer in people’s minds.

What you will learn in...

Going Beyond the Rule of Thirds

  • 9 specific composition techniques designed to get you into the advanced sphere
  • Exact examples of each technique that you can emulate
  • Detailed breakdowns and explanations in plain English
  • The "perfect number" of subjects in a photo
  • Why not all composition is about form
  • and much much more!

A little about us...

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This guide has been put together by our writers - all working professional photographers whose teaching material has been read by millions of people and shared tens of thousands of times. You can find the information on line and for free - but what we have tried to do here is bring together the relevant parts in an easily digestible and relevant collection that you can trust and that saves you time. And if you aren’t happy, take advantage of a refund!

Advanced Composition Guide


We have made this guide easily downloadable so you can take it with you on your phone or iPad (or read it on a computer), but it is ALSO designed to be printed out and put in a binder with a handy centre marker for a hole punch. That was you can keep and use this guide any way you want it!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Like all Light Stalking products, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee for any reason. This is unique in the photography industry and it’s one we are proud to offer. That is how much we are confident that you will love this guide. It also means there is zero risk for you.

This guide will help you get to that point where people are coming to you about photography. Maybe to learn something, maybe to look at your work or maybe even to hire you.

These are the kinds of skills that establish you as the go-to person for creative and powerful photographs. Nothing quite beats the feeling of somebody wanting your work on their wall.

This is the guide that will get you beyond the dreaded flat photograph. The photos that people just walk or scroll straight past without pause. Or sometimes even worse - the “nice shot” dismissive compliment.

Grab this today while it’s still on special.

Going Beyond the Rule of Thirds $19

How to Get Out of First Gear With Your Photo Composition


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