Bite Size Tips: Quick Landscape Photography Checklists


If you are a landscape photographer, you'll know that you spend most of your time outdoors on the lookout for the perfect location and the perfect conditions to capture that stunning image. This means that you can find yourself in a situation where you have no backup plans, you've forgotten something that you now need (or chosen not to bring it), or you've forgotten to get the camera setting right due to the craziness of the moment.

We've all done it – so having a checklist as a quick reference before you get out of the door, while outdoors and when you get back, is handy.

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The Checklists

Before You Leave The House…

  1. Stability is the priority – get your tripod along with its head, plate. Make sure it’s steady
  2. Make sure you have your remote trigger for shutter release
  3. Carry all the filters (cleaned) you need for your landscape photography. Don't forget the filter holders
  4. Fully charge your battery and carry a spare or two
  5. Fast memory cards, formatted, ready to use and spare memory cards
  6. Camera body, required lenses, all cleaned. Do not overload yourself.
  7. Dust and rain cover to protect your gear from any weather.
  8. Check for sunset and sunrise times and the weather of the location you are planning to shoot. If you are heading to the beach, check for tides.
  9. Check how the light will be falling on the landscape beforehand, so you can choose the correct vantage point and direction to shoot
  10. A compass is always a handy tool
  11. Have a head torch or a flashlight
  12. Wear comfortable clothes and have warm/spare clothes for cases of emergency
  13. Hot-shoe Spirit level
  14. Camera and lens cleaning kit
  15. If possible, carry a folding chair
  16. Keep your mobile fully charged and have a battery pack
  17. Let someone know where / when you are going and when you’ll be back, just to be safe
  18. Have a notepad with some plans for location and composition. Have a backup plan, just in case.
  19. Have the apps ready on your mobile, for location or to check the weather. Carry a map too!
  20. A basic first aid kit, as you may be shooting in rough terrains
  21. Have enough water and food to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.

While You Are In The Great Outdoors…

  1. Check camera settings for landscape photography. Aperture, ISO, metering, white balance; you may have changed it for some reason!
  2. Make use of the mirror lockup feature for tack sharp images
  3. Turn off image stabilization
  4. Keep an eye on your histogram
  5. Always check focus on live view mode by zooming in.
  6. Try various compositions from various vantage points.
  7. Check image sharpness.

Once You Are Home…

  1. Back up your images
  2. Tag/label images
  3. Clean your gear
  4. Recharge batteries
  5. Check the list above to get ready for the next day!

More Landscape Photography Tips

These Landscape Photography Tips will give you a whole lot of other options for taking your landscape photography to the next level. These ideas will help round out your skills as a landscape photographer and ensure you are getting a lot more keepers.

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