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Our Black and White Drills Will Hone Your Skills with 7 Powerful Black and White Projects


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Ever created black and white photos that are washed out and full of unwanted grey mid-tones? It's not your fault!

The fact is that depth and tonal range are a LOT more difficult to master in black and white photography than they are in colour photography.

Without careful attention to these elements, black and white images can appear flat or muddy, lacking the dynamic range necessary to make them visually engaging.

But there is a solution to conquering these challenges and producing the types of powerful black and white images that you would be proud to hang on your wall.

Introducing the Light Stalking

Black and White Drills


Our Black and White Drills will give you 7 unique and powerful black and white photography projects so that you can learn as you're shooting.

These projects take you through one fundamental black with everything you need to quickly learn that specific outcome - from concept through to shooting and onto post-production.

Download today and get started fast!

Beautiful Projects designed to be printed.

Watch your skills grow quickly and practically.

Each Drill contains the detailed information you need for a specific type of classic black and white image.

Start creating powerful black and white images today!

  • 1
    Print it Out: The Drills are designed to be printed out and taken with you while you're shooting.
  • 2
    Follow the clear shooting instructions: Each drill gives you a specific type of image to create and tells you all of the instructions from concept to settings to post-production.
  • 3
    Feedback Time: Once you have a solid shot, post it on our friendly group (where you get free access as a bonus) for everyone to enjoy or to get some feedback!

Which 7 Black and White Drills Are Included?

It's like having seven mini guides to achieve a very specific type of shot. Do them one by one and you'll get seven solid lessons. Do them all and your skills will simply continue to build on themselves and improve!

The Classic Black and White Window Portrait

The Classic Black and White Abstract

The Advanced Textures in Nature Drill

The Advanced Abstract Nature Drill

The Black and White Lines in Nature Drill

The Advanced Textures in Nature Drill

The Black and White Low Key Portrait Drill

What's in Each Black and White Drill?


The Parts That Make Up a Drill Are...


1. The Goal

The Projects gives you one clear goal image to achieve.

The goal is laid out in plain English with a hero shot and several examples to guide your creative vision.

There is also a slightly more detailed summary so you are absolutely clear on the drill.


2. Things to Remember

Every classic shot has its quirks for a photographer.

This is where you learn what to watch out for when taking the specific type of shot you are working on.

This will show you how certain effects are achieved and how you can emulate them.


2.1. Lighting Setups

The secret sauce of a lot of classic black and white images is the lighting.

This section shows you visual maps of lighting setups that can be used to achieve the effect of the image you are attempting to emulate.

Several options are presented so you can try various ways to get there.


3. Visual Ideas

Every image presents many ways to achieve it and even expand on it.

This section of the drills is designed to show you how to add your own flair to any image.

That can be anything from using intentional camera movement to experimenting with grain. It all depends on the shot and your own taste.


4. The Camera Settings

Know exactly where to start with your camera settings.

While every situation is different, we give you a range that your classic shot will usually fall within.

This gives you a start with your shot and lets you make the minor tweaks necessary for your classic image.


5. Editing Your Black and White

Powerful black and white images take some specific editing.

This section goes into detail about how you will want to start editing your black and white images.

This is suitable for following along in Lightroom, Elements or Photoshop.

Each of the Drills is a small, achievable win that and when stacked with each other the meaningful practice gives you long term and useful skills in the art of black and white photography.

How to Use Your Black and White Drills


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Let's Talk About Bonuses

Special Bonus # 1: 15 x Bonus B&W Blueprints. $30 Today: FREE!


These are our single page, fully printable "cheat sheets" that show you a lot about a very specific part of shooting in black and white.

Honestly, they can stand alone, but when combined with your Black and White Drills, they are perfect for showing how to practice for those epic and powerful black and white images that you see on posters.

  • Black and White Abstract
  • B&W Film Look
  • BW Landscape
  • Low Key Portraits
  • Nature Photography
  • Powerful Tonality
  • Choosing B&W Shots
  • Colours and Black and White
  • Silhouettes
  • Still Life in Black and White
  • Street Photography
  • Textures
  • Mastering Contrast
  • Editing Black and White
  • Powerful Shadows

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a close-up of an airplane wing

Our Black and White Drills come with a free copy of our short guide, "Beyond the Rule of Thirds" which will show you several powerful composition techniques that are well beyond beginner level. This pairs perfectly with your black and white exercises.


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