Bokeh and Other Buzzword Functions Google Stuffed Into the Google Photos App for iOS


If you’re going to launch a camera app, you better include the right features or at least the buzzwords consumers are looking for in a product.

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After all, how else are you going to advertise it in a market absolutely saturated with competition?

One of those in the photography world happens to be “bokeh” – the Japanese word no one can agree on how to pronounce but that everyone thinks is super important for smartphone cameras.

Seriously, if you look up the term in relation to smartphone cameras you would think the concept had arrived in just the past three years.

The new Google Photos app for iOS phones is bringing bokeh and a whole lot of other things according to press reports.

Basically, photos taken in portrait mode now allow for background bokeh adjustment. Google was so proud of this that they even tweeted it out.

“Just pull up a portrait photo in Google Photos, click the editing icon to get to the editing menu, then tap it one more time to edit depth and focus.”

Interestingly, the app doesn’t sort photos by those taken in portrait mode but PetaPixel reports that it will give you the bokeh adjustment option in the editing menu for the photo. Bokeh isn't the only new feature Google Photos is sporting but it is definitely the one the team at Alphabet has chosen to focus on in press.

The new app is available now and is probably worth a download if you’re (like me) compulsive about having each and every photo editing app under the sun on your phone. It also happens to be quite good at its job. These features aren't even rolled out yet to the latest Pixel phones according to PetaPixel.

If you download it, let us know about your experience in the comments.

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