Brand New Z CAM E2-M4 4K MFT Coming in June


We thought you might appreciate a break from all of the COVID-19 pandemic news and what better distraction is there than a new camera?

z cam e m k mft
Photo by E2-M4 4K MFT from Z CAM.

Z CAM is bringing a new action camera to the market and its specs are nothing less than impressive.

Slotted just underneath its E2 Professional 4K Cinema Camera brother, the new E2-M4 is about $500 cheaper and comes with most of the bells and whistles consumers expect.

The specs we know so far are DCI and UHD 4K up to 160 fps, an Interchangeable MFT Lens Mount, ProRes RAW & 12-Bit Color Support, and 4/3″ WDR CMOS Sensor/Flagship Housing.

Expected to drop in June to retail, the E2-M4 will have RTMP, RTPS, and SRT live streaming capabilities built in to the unit.

As BHPhoto points out, what this makes the camera an “attractive choice for anyone needing a camera flexible enough for cinematic shoots, with high-frame-rate capability in 4K, 10-bit internal, and 12-bit external recording, that can also stream live without a computer to facilitate connecting to Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming sites.”

If you’re looking for a live streaming camera, we’d say this unit is more than capable of handling that. That said, we don’t expect the vast majority of the customers who pick this up will use it for that. We think its cinematic and action-cam features will probably attract a larger crowd but who knows. Streaming is way more serious than most of us know after all.

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