Photo Collection: The Destructive Power of Wildfires


Besides absolute destruction, wildfires make the news around the world because the images made of them are quite spectacular. While it's always a good idea to stay out of the way of any fire, some photographers risk their lives or happen to find themselves in the wrong place at the right time. The resulting images can be as spectacular as any outdoor photography you will see.

Photo by Cameron Strandberg
Photo by H Dragon
Photo by Cameron Strandberg
Photo by Sgt. Helen Miller via The U.S. Army

Photo by Zach Dischner
Photo by Erick Pleitez
Photo by Carla Carvalho Tomás
Photo by Wonderlane
Photo by Kaibab National Forest
Photo by thinboyfatter
Photo by Gus
Photo by thinboyfatter
Photo by Rupert Ganzer
Photo by Brendan Henry
Photo by Doug Beckers
Photo by Octavio
Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Photo by Jeff Ruane
Photo by mbtrama
Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


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Amazing photos of the absolute power of fire – these images are evocative and powerful, displaying the results and devastation of this mighty energy. Reply

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